Fertility Tracking Bracelet – Hope Or Hype?

Not too long ago the company Ava came out with an interesting new fertility gadget: the Ava fertility tracking bracelet. Seems pretty great right? A gadget that gets you pregnant. The question is if that is a reasonable expectation. So: hope or hype?

According to their website, the Ava fertility bracelet measures lots of different things. However, it is the following few that are interesting because they are markers that change during your cycle under the influence of hormones:
  • Temperature
  • Heart rate variability
  • Perfusion (blood supply to tissues)

The Doctor’s TV did a small lighthearted segment on the fertility tracker which is nice and short for you to watch.

I would say that I pretty much agree with everything they say in this video except for a few things:

  • A bracelet like this could never replace peeing on a stick to detect the hormone LH (hormone that triggers ovulation) to confirm if your fertile window is about to open.
  • Just relax & it will happen is one of the worst cliche advice you girls are given. Although there is absolutely truth to it, it is the most inappropriate thing people say to you. Read: How stressing over falling pregnant may be preventing you from doing so.
  • Even the use for irregular cycles & infertility cases is limited. Although it records important information that helps you discover patterns that help identify where things might be going wrong, you would still need to add information such as cervical mucus, secondary fertility signs (breast soreness, PMT, cramping etc) as well as the LH levels to get a complete picture.


Other thoughts I have on the bracelet:
  • It is great for measuring temperature without you having to set your alarm, so it could be a solution for those of you struggling to temp regularly & timely.
  • Charting with a thermometer, LH strips & checking for fertility signs is an amazing way to get to know your body & cycle better. Possibly getting a watch like this robs you of an opportunity to learn more about your personal fertile pattern & be more in touch with your female health.

In conclusion: yes it is absolutely a neat gadget, but I doubt it’s worth spending the money if you don’t have cash to blow. If you desperately want to fall pregnant, you’re not going to care if you have to set an alarm early in the morning to use your el cheapo thermometer.

If you want help with tracking your cycle and interpreting your charts, join the FB group Becoming Vital & Fertile.

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