How I work: The Fertility Plan

In the first years of working as a fertility specialist I came to discover the best and quickest results came from the cases where:

  • The couples had monthly follow-ups;
  • I worked closely with the couples so that homeopathic prescriptions could be tweaked when needed;
  • The couples took the supplements I recommended;
  • The women charted their cycles precisely so we could monitor improvements in the hormone balance.

Of all the couples that completed their treatment with me in this way, 66% conceived within 6 months and 91% with 9 months.

This is why I developed a fertility program that includes all of these elements to also give you the best chance of falling pregnant naturally.

Step 1: Discovery Call
This first step is optional and you can skip straight ahead to the Fertility Assessment if you like. However, a discovery call does give us the opportunity to meet before starting work together, which allows us to see if we are a good fit. Being able to connect with your fertility practitioner is not a luxury because in order for your treatment to be a success, you need a relationship of trust! In this call we also will briefly talk through your fertility journey so far, so that I can give you a preliminary idea of which key elements I think your treatment will need to get you a significant step closer to your dream.
Step 2: Fertility Assessment
The Fertility Assessment can be booked as part of a plan or as a stand alone session for couples that want to understand how fertile they are, and why they are not getting or staying pregnant.
Once you book your Fertility Assessment, you receive a form that asks you a couple of things around your medical history, your family’s medical history, your symptoms, and lifestyle.

Your answers give me a good starting point to make good use of our 1,5-2 hour intake.

On booking your Fertility Assessment you also have the opportunity to order a hair mineral test which I can use in our session to assess if metal toxicity is a problem for you. If you have a history of miscarriages and/or suspect you may suffer with metal toxicity, a hair mineral test is a must.

During your Fertility Assessment I will be looking with you both at all aspects that are needed for a healthy baby, after all.. healthy parents = healthy baby! A few of those aspects are:

  • Your vitality
  • Analysis of any fertility charts you may already have
  • Analysis of the results of tests you may have already had
  • Stress levels (a big one these days!)
  • Toxicity levels such as heavy metals (especially if you suffer with repeated miscarriages), steroids or other drugs, antibiotics, vaccines
  • (Past) use of the contraceptive pill/injections/coil (big hormone imbalance causes)
  • Your quality of sleep
  • (Past) Physical or emotional trauma
  • Uptake of nutrients from your diet
  • Underlying health conditions
Step 3: Fertility Plan
After our session, I will let you know what I think is going on for you and what we need to address to get you in the healthiest spot possible. I will send you the game plan and advice you either a 3 month or a 6 month Fertility Plan.

As soon as you sign up to either of these plans, you will be sent:

  • Homeopathic remedies – for both of you for the duration of the plan
  • A homeopathic 36 remedy home pharmacy – that way I can prescribe remedies on the fly if you come down with an acute problem such as coughs, colds, flu, injuries, infections etc.
  • Supplements – everything you need for both of you, the basics specifically chosen supplements to suit you, for the duration of the plan
  • Kindara Wink – a basal body temperature thermometer that syncs with your phone over Bluetooth. It’s the best one out there i.m.o
  • Ovulation tests and… pregnancy tests!
Step 4: Execute plan!
And then we can get to work! These are the things that will be part of your individualized Fertility Plan:
  • Charting – you will be charting your cycle every day in the app Kindara so that we can monitor your hormonal health (here is where the ovulation tests & thermometer come into play). If you haven’t gone through the Basics to Fertility Charting course yet, that is where you start.
  • Homeopathic remedies – you take the remedies as I prescribe them
  • Supplements – you take the supplements daily as I prescribe them
  • Lifestyle – you work on implementing the lifestyle changes
  • Bedroom time – of course you will be making time for each other in the bedroom especially at the times we have identified that you are most fertile. In most cases you can continue to try for a baby while on these plans, there may be exceptions however such as if you need to have a metal detox. This will be carefully discussed with you so that you know what to expect.
  • Follow-ups – we have monthly follow-ups so I can assess your progress and assess your charts with you
  • Support – and of course you can e-mail me at any time with questions, book in short update sessions, or contact me on WhatsApp for emergencies
Step 5: Maintenance
Once you have completed your Fertility Plan, it becomes a waiting game and the maintenance plan is designed just for that. While you (continue to) try for a baby, you continue on supplements, continue shorter monthly follow-ups to analyse your charts & progress, and receive tweaked prescriptions as needed.

Should you have fallen pregnant on the intensive plan already, the maintenance plan is perfect to support you throughout the first stages of pregnancy to ensure the best start possible for the pregnancy and for baby, and to help you with any possible complaints.

You can plan your free discovery call directly in my booking calendar below or book your Fertility Assessment straight away. I look forward to working with you!

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