Homeopathy to improve sperm count and quality.

The daily plastic that affects sperm quality.

Last week the media was domineered by news that the sperm of Western men is very quickly and seriously dropping in quality. The reason? The chemical BPA found in plastics. Getting this chemical out of our food and water should be a high priority but doing so does not change anything for the men that already suffer from poor sperm count and quality. Luckily there is hope for those that embark on the homeopathy train as this natural medicine has a rainbow of remedies to improve the quality of sperm effectively and safely.

In this post:

  • What is BPA
  • The effect of BPA on fertility
  • How to improve sperm quality

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What is BPA

Bisphenol A. (BPA) is a chemical used to make certain types of plastics and can be found in toys, electronics, most food containers and water bottles. Some canned products also have a coating on the inside of the metal that contains BPA. This is how it can seep into our food and drinks.

The effect of BPA on fertility

It is thought that BPA affects fertility because the body recognizes it as another hormone: estrogen.

The fascinating and frustrating thing about hormones is that they affect each other. Estrogen inhibits the production of testosterone which is great because too high levels of testosterone is not good either. However, if you get more estrogen through your food than your body finds necessary, it becomes problematic as testosterone levels will drop too much and affect sperm production as well as erectile function.

BPA is not only harmful for the male fertility but for the hormonal balance and fertility of women too, as well as the development of fetuses, infants and children. BPA toxicity is thought to play an important role in repeated early miscarriages because it affects implantation.

In Europe and the United States, BPA is allowed within certain ranges however in Denmark and France, BPA is prohibited which should tell us enough!

Improving sperm quality

Within homeopathy there are lots of possibilities to improve sperm count and quality including in the case of plastic toxicity. The core principle of homeopathy is that a remedy is selected to match your individual physical & mental/emotional symptoms and preferences. However, modern day homeopathy has also brought us methods to detox patients of drugs, metals and other chemicals including plastic and BPA. Along such detoxes I also use remedies that support hormone producing glands.

Start improving sperm count & quality

  • Get homeopathic treatment
  • Be careful with food, drink & plastic. Avoid putting plastic in the dishwasher or heating food in plastic. Avoid canned foods & drinks
  • Do not have sex more than every other day
  • Wear loose fitting boxers and jeans rather than tight ones. Consider if your job could cause overheating of your sperm eg if you work in a bakery
  • Keep your mobile phone out of your pocket and your computer off your lap
  • Take a multi vitamin for men that has extra Zinc

If you would like to improve your fertility naturally, you can click here to book an appointment with me. I would love to speak to you about your case and help raise your vitality & fertility!


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