How to support every stage of pregnancy with tissue salts

After the first buzz of the news that you are expecting has gone down a little, the very next project you are likely planning out in your head is “everything-that-is-to-possibly-know-and-possibly-do-to-help-my-baby-be-the-happiest-healthiest-within-my-power”. Something like that huh? Well, there is one really easy, safe and inexpensive thing you can do to support your entire pregnancy from conception (even pre-conception if you are trying to conceive) to labor: the pregnancy tissue salt program.

Download cheat sheet

*If you’re not interested in how the tissue salts work but just want to have the program, scroll down or download the tissue salt program cheat sheet*


Tissues salts (also Schüssler salts, cell salts or biochemical cells salts) are minerals prepared in a homeopathic way. Our bodies are built up from these minerals and in order for us to regenerate and have our cells work to their best ability, we need to continue to take them up from our diet.

  • A good example is Calcium which most of us know is important for bone and teeth.
  • Another one is salt which you may know is important for our water balance because too little salt and we can get dehydrated no matter how much we drink, and too much salt and we swell up and hold onto water (such as often late in pregnancy).

Right, back to the tissue salts. Having a healthy and varied diet that sometimes includes supplements (which I recommend in pregnancy!) is of course necessary to get these minerals – or building blocks – into our bodies.

This is where the tissue salts come in. Tissue salts help us take up those essential minerals from our diets. That is helpful when:

  • when our bodies are having difficulty taking up the goodies from our good food (you can be malnourished despite a good diet if you body is struggling to take up the building blocks!)
  • we are ill and need extra minerals to heal
  • or when we need extra minerals because more is demanded of our bodies than usual such as in stressful periods, or when we are growing a human being inside!

You can imagine, that in a pregnancy, the baby (and you) will need different minerals at different stages. As mentioned, the Calcium would be extra important when the bones are forming for example while other minerals will help your body stretch during the pregnancy and when you give birth.

A simple pregnancy program of these 12 tissue salts is designed to do just that! All my pregnant patients in fact are on this program as part of their overall treatment. The program is not just for the development of the baby but also for mom, especially in preparation of giving birth.

In the pregnancy program, I use 6 of the 12 existing tissue salts, all in the potency 6x:

1. Calcarea Fluorica
Calc Fluor is for bone development, elasticity of tissue and preventing stretch marks (yay right?!), and helps prepare for the stretching exercise of childbirth.
I also prescribe this to women trying to conceive to help implantation. The best way to take it then is twice daily from ovulation onward, stop when your period starts or move onto the pregnancy program when you have a positive test. If you don’t know when you ovulate(d), learn to chart for free or book a one-off chart analysis session with me.
Calc Fluor can also be called Calcarea Fluorata or Calcarea Fluoratum.

2. Magnesium Phosphoricum
This tissue salt is for nerve development and it prevents heartburn. If you struggle with heartburn despite taking this, there are other homeopathic remedies that I can help you with.

3. Ferrum Phosphoricum
Ferrum Phos helps oxygen transport in the blood and helps prevent anemia, inflammation and colds. It is thought that our oxygen levels drop right before we come down with a cold and that this is why Ferrum Phos will often stop a slow onset cold (has saved me several times!).

4. Natrum Muriaticum
This is the salt remedy I mentioned so as you know this one is all about water balance. It controls fluid and salt balance and so prevents swollen ankles for example but also helps your kidneys do their job and avoid dehydration before you go into labor.

5. Silica
Silica strengthens teeth bones and hair and prevents stretch marks (yay that’s 2 now!). It is actually therefore also a great “cosmetic” remedy to take 6 weeks in advance of a big event such as a wedding, or just when you feel you skin, hair and nails are looking rough. I often prescribe it to moms after giving birth too when they have a lot of hair loss because their hormones have changed.

6. Bonus remedy Kalium Phosphoricum
If there is a lot of fatigue or nerve strain I may add Kali Phos to the combination. That is especially helpful for when you go into labor to make sure energy is up! It is also said it helps prevent the baby from being overdue but in my opinion with homeopathic treatment throughout the pregnancy baby will come when it’s ready and that is early enough.

So, now you want to know when to take what right? Ok, here we go!

Months (1), 2 and 6 Calc Fluor, Mag Phos, Ferrum Phos 6x

Months 3 and 7 Nat Mur, Calc Fluor, Mag Phos 6x

Months 4 and 8 Calc Fluor, Nat Mur, Silica 6x

Months 5 and 9 Calc Fluor, Ferr Phos, Silica 6x

If you are already past your second month you can just start in the program wherever you are with your pregnancy.

Because it can be tricky to translate months to weeks and because a little overview to save to your phone as reference to check when you need to switch is ever so handy, I made you a cheat sheet for you to download.

Free tissue salt program cheat sheet.png

Where to get these tissue salts

These tissue salts can be easily purchased online or most natural health stores. The only tricky bit is that they are then not combined for you so you need to take them individually depending on which month you are. Helios Pharmacy (London, UK, sends all over the world) however is the only one I know that sells the tissue salts as combinations (PP1-4) for the pregnancy program:

  • PP1 months 2 and 6
  • PP2 months 3 and 7
  • PP3 months 4 and 8
  • PP4 months 5 and 9

Helios can also add Kali-Phos to every combination for you on request.

If you haven’t already, go ahead and download your cheat sheet and get on the program!

Download cheat sheet.png

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