The 4 key factors that make your natural fertility treatment a success

Ever since working as a fertility specialist, I have been analyzing what works and what works better. Looking back on these past 6 yearsI can now identify 4 major key factors that hugely improve a couple’s chance of conceiving and having a healthy baby. In fact, of all the cases that had these 4 key factors, 66% of the couples conceived within 6 months and 91% within 9! Even better news is that any couple’s treatment can include these 4 factors. That’s why I am changing the way that I am offering natural fertility treatment to include the best I have to offer. Obviously that includes making sure these 4 factors are part of it!

natural fertility treatmentCan you imagine my face the first time I saw these statistics? 66% conceived within 6 months and 91% within 9? You can trust me that I recalculated this many times and had family check for mistakes! After all, IVF on average has a 40% success rate with women up to 35 years… while a lot of the women I had treated were well above that and even above 40.

Why natural fertility treatment is more successful than IVF

When I thought about it, however, it did make sense. The thing is that with IVF (and other assisted conception treatment) the health of the parents is not improved. The woman’s hormonal system is hyper-stimulated to produce eggs and the best sperm of the man is selected. Then several eggs are fertilized and only the best developing embryo’s are put back. That’s it (super short version).

With the natural fertility treatment I’ve been offering with homeopathy, vital supplements (building blocks!) and lifestyle changes, however, the health of both mom and dad are improved permanently.

That means that all factors that interfere with overall health and fertility are addressed. If couples are fighting infections, are toxic, or have under-functioning glands, no way will their body prioritize a pregnancy! They will prioritize survival!

When mom however falls pregnant on or after treatment, it means her body is healthy enough to do so. Fertility wise that (also) means:

  • The eggs that are released are of better quality so have better chances of being fertilized & developing well
  • The sperm is overall in better quality and shape
  • The circumstances in the body of the mother are improved permanently. Therefore an embryo can nestle well and the pregnancy starts in the best way possible (and is healthier throughout)

The 4 key factors to success

Because of the success rate of the couples that had the “key 4”, I have decided to change my way of working so that every couple under natural fertility treatment with me, has those 4 key factors working for them.

The four are really quite simple, and the good news is that they can all be established by you and me. None of them are unchangeable factors like age for example.

The couples with the best results completed their treatment with the following 4 key factors:

  1. The couples had monthly follow-ups;
  2. They worked closely together with me in between follow-ups so that I could tweak prescriptions when needed;
  3. The couples took the supplements I recommended;
  4. The women charted their cycles precisely so we could monitor hormone balance improvements.

The new natural fertility treatment plans

In order to incorporate these 4 factors into all of the natural fertility treatment I have developed three fertility plans (Fertility Boost, Fertility Nalance & Fertility Breakthrough) that are tailored to you and that include all the things you need such as:

  • Homeopathic remedies
  • Supplements, and
  • Charting tools

This way of working is incredibly succesful but it also means I can only work with 18 couples at a time. Slots are therefore quite limited, however three new slots become available every month for new couples wanting to begin their natural fertility treatment, so make sure to check this page to see when the next slots open up.

Just wanted to let you know that God has done it, I am pregnant! Thank you so much for your help. I am so happy, God is so wonderful.

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