Metals & plastic in my coffee?! How to detox & restore your fertility.

Metals & plastic in my coffee?! | How to detox & restore your fertility.

That the plastics in our food and water affect our fertility profoundly is likely something you've come across before. You may even already have decided to swap your plastic containers for glass ones, but did you know that you may still be consuming plastic through your coffee? No need to quit just yet though (I love my coffee too!); let me share with you how you can avoid the sneaky plastics and how you can detox plastic from your body and restore fertility.

Homeopathy to improve sperm count and quality.

The daily plastic that affects sperm quality.

Last week the media was domineered by news that the sperm of Western men is very quickly and seriously dropping in quality. The reason? The chemical BPA found in plastics. Getting this chemical out of our food and water should be a high priority but doing so does not change anything for the men that already suffer from poor sperm count and quality. Luckily there is hope for those that embark on the homeopathy train as this natural medicine has a rainbow of remedies to improve the quality of sperm effectively and safely. In this post: What is BPA The effect of BPA on fertility How to improve sperm quality