5 fertility New Year’s resolutions

Aah... there is something about the clean slate of a new year don't you think? New chances, new goals, new plans, new grace, new faith. Have you decided to start trying to conceive in 2018? Or have you been trying for a while and are you ready for a new start? Well then, grab your favorite list app, your calendar & your filofax, and let's get into these 5 fertility New Year's resolutions!

My favorite BBT thermometers

So you are ready to start charting but as you tell your fertility savvy friend that you'll just use the good old thermometer in your medicine cabinet, she looks at you with horror. Of cooourse you should not be using that silly thing, you need a “BBT” thermometer. You laugh, hide your confusion, and say “I was just kidding silly”. As soon as she hits the bathroom you grab your phone and search “BBT thermometer” and you find this post.. I'm with you girl! You'll know what to get before she's back!