Let’s look at your chart together!

Is this you?

Are my hormones out of whack_ (1)…you have taken the plunge and started charting your cycle, diligently taking your temperatures, trying to figure out which cervical mucus is which, stocked up on ovulation tests, but you are having trouble finding when exactly you are most fertile?

(If you are not charting yet, you can get started with 5 easy lessons in my free fertility charting course!)

…You have been charting and charting till you are blue in the face, know when you’re fertile and making good use of it, but you’re still not pregnant?

…You suspect that you have a hormonal imbalance and may not be ovulating (timely) or feel you may be falling pregnant often but not holding on to the pregnancy?

Well, then let’s have a look at your chart together! As a fertility homeopath, I see and analyse women’s charts every day.

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In a one-on-one 30 minute session I can share that expertise with you by going over your charts together (whether that is 2 or 20!) and answer questions for you like:

When is my fertile window_ (1)

  • Am ovulating?
  • Am I ovulating late enough for the egg to mature?
  • When does my fertile window open?
  • When is the best time for me to fall pregnant (or avoid pregnancy)?
  • Is my luteal phase long enough to hold onto a pregnancy?
  • Is my progesterone high enough? Do I have too much estrogen?
  • Are my temperatures within range and stable enough?
  • Are my hormonal glands doing what they should?
  • And more..!!

To help you get the year started well and get on top of your fertility resolutionsthis January you can book this analysis appointment for only $40/€30 instead of $55/€45 (even if you want your appointment later in the year).

So book your slot today and lets get you some clarity!

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