Natural fertility treatment

It is possible to increase your chances of falling pregnant naturally!

Ingefleur Spreij, Fertility Homeopath
Ingefleur Spreij, Fertility Homeopath

As a matter of fact, I see it in my homeopathic fertility clinic all the time. Of the women that have come to see me, all have noticed an improvement in their fertility within one month. For example:

  • Increased fertile cervical mucus
  • Lengthening of the luteal phase
  • Better time ovulation
  • Less erratic temperatures pre-ovulation
  • Higher temperatures post-ovulation
  • Reduced menstrual pains
  • Reduced pre-menstrual symptoms
  • Better quality menstruation (heavier or lighter, depending on where they came from!)

Also couples that have seemed to have already tried everything, find hope in homeopathy. Couples that have tried IVF, couples that are over 40, have histories of miscarriages. Even couples who have been told by their doctors that they will never be able to conceive…

  • Amy had severely scarred fallopian tubes but fell pregnant at 41 years old.
  • Mary and her husband had been trying for 8 years and experienced several miscarriages. However, after a  few months of homeopathic treatment Mary conceived at 43 years old and now has been the mother of a healthy girl for several years.
  • Yanna and her husband suffered from unexplained fertility but she fell pregnant the first cycle after starting remedies and they now have a baby boy.

And these are jus a few of the couples that have experienced how homeopathy can restore fertility!

My name is Ingefleur and as a homeopath I help couples conceive naturally. They come to me with:

  • Unexplained infertility
  • History of miscarriages
  • Hormonal imbalances and period problems such as too light or too heavy periods, painful or irregular periods
  • Emotional trauma, anxiety or depression
  • Chemical and metal toxicity
  • Symptoms of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)
  • Low libido
  • Low sperm count or motility
  • History of contraceptive hormones such as the pill or the coil
  • Chronic inflammations
  • Chronic thrush (candida)

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How I workYoung family waiting for a baby

Homeopathy can boost your fertility whether you are just about to start trying or if you have already been trying for a while. In treatment we would look at the many aspects needed for a healthy baby (i.e. healthy parents!). This includes but does not restrict to the following:

  • Your vitality
  • Stress levels
  • Quality of sleep
  • Uptake of nutrients from diet
  • Toxicity levels (heavy metals, drugs, contraceptive pill/injections/coil)
  • Physical or emotional trauma
  • Underlying health conditions

Fertility treatment therefore needs to be tailored to the couple that I am treating. In most cases after an initial 1,5-2 hour intake I will come up with a four month plan (in some cases 5 or 6 month plans are advised). That plan will consist of:

  • Monthly consultations (including intake) with both partners spread over four months (four menstrual cycles).
  • Any lifestyle and charting coaching, advice and acute prescribing needed in between consultations.
  • Remedy prescriptions matched to your cycle meaning programs usually are started on the first day of your period. Sometimes a detox is needed. Think of drugs, past use of hormones (eg contraceptive pill), or heavy metals.
  • A recommended supplements program. I recommend Biocare supplements and as such pass my practitioner discount on to my patients.
  • A hair mineral analysis test is not included but highly recommended as both toxicities and mineral deficiencies may play a role in infertility. I recommend you to do this test at least a three weeks before your first consultation so that I receive the report in time and we can tailor your supplement regime and remedy program.

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Pregnancy & maternity

Young pregnant woman sitting with husband and holding flowers

After conception, homeopathy is safe and supportive throughout pregnancy to deal for example with morning sickness, aches and pains, insomnia, and edema, and help prepare for the birth. During labour remedies have also proven to be useful when fatigue sets in or labour isn’t progressing, as well as afterwards tho promote healing.I recommend the Helios or Ainsworths childbirth kit and provide training in the use of it.
Homeopathy is safe for mother and baby as remedies are natural and have no side-effects. Mothers may benefit from homeopathic treatment in lactation issues, baby’s teething, constipation and colic, skin conditions or when their babies fail to thrive. Have a look here for the most common baby remedies you might want to have at home.

Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding homeopathy and your stage of maternity. I am happy to discuss with you your personal situation in a free 15 minute consultation. If you would like to read more on these topics, have a look at my blog.

Homeopathy may be used for a much wider range of complaints beyond the realms of maternity. Patients have also come to me for period pains, menopausal symptoms, skin problems such as eczema and acne, chronic cystitis and thrush, migraines, digestive problems, and hay fever.