Ingefleur has supported me throughout my pregnancy and beyond. My daughter is now 2 and recently had a very nasty reaction to an ear infection and antibiotics. Twenty minutes after taking a prescribed remedy the aggressive rash covering 90% of her body started to recede. It was amazing. My thanks to Fleur for her continued … Continue reading Florence, United Kingdom (pregnancy, toddler support)

Florence, United Kingdom (pregnancy, toddler support)

"After three miscarriages and an loads of remedies from Ingefleur we finally have a baby with a heart beat measuring smack on for dates. We are now at 12+3!"

United Kingdom (repeated miscarriages, metal toxicity)

Ingefleur has helped me in so many ways.  I've had years of digestive problems (ie. constipation, irritable bowel, gluten sensitivity, slow stomach emptying, etc.) I'm almost 60 and could not remember a time when I had normal digestion.  After working with Ingefleur for a few months, I am thrilled with the results.   My digestive problems … Continue reading Martha, United States (sluggish thyroid, digestive problems & allergies)

Martha, United States (sluggish thyroid, digestive problems & allergies)

Ingefleur came highly recommended to me by a friend who is also a homeopath. I have not been disappointed. I have used homeopathy before and am still in awe of how one tiny remedy can have such a profound effect. After suffering an ectopic pregnancy and loosing a fallopian tube, coupled with my age (42) … Continue reading Dania, United Kingdom (infertility following ectopic pregnancy)

Dania, United Kingdom (infertility following ectopic pregnancy)

“It is so weird to be in this phase of my cycle and this many DPO (days past ovulation) with no bleeding! I’m thrilled!” - patient with recurring miscarriages because of 5 day luteal phases. She went to 12 days, with no spotting at all, after only one prescription. Read her case.

United States (PCOS & short luteal phase)

Update: this patient now has a baby girl! - "I recently started treatment with Ingefleur and I am amazed at the results I am already seeing. Ingefleur is so easy to talk to and she really listens to each and every issue or symptom I am experiencing. After just one week of starting my first remedy, … Continue reading Melissa, U.S.A. (early menopause and infertility following ectopic pregnancy)

Melissa, U.S.A. (early menopause and infertility following ectopic pregnancy)

Update: this lady fell pregnant a few months after writing this! - "I would like to share my story for anyone that is thinking about homeopathic natural remedies as I am just so thrilled with my progress in such a short space of time! I have had problems ovulating regularly and would only ovulate every … Continue reading Italy (unexplained infertility)

Italy (unexplained infertility)

"I have lots of health issues so first things first. Started with treating hayfever this spring. Wonderful because within a week I could “breathe” again. Following this we addressed my asthma symptoms with the same result!!! I experience my menstrual cycle as a “hormones war”. However, slowly but surely this is improving too. Menstruation is … Continue reading Sandra, The Netherlands (menstrual problems & allergies)

Sandra, The Netherlands (menstrual problems & allergies)

"Menopause symptoms started way too early, irregular cycle, painful breast. Having used the contraceptive pill & the coil only made it worse. Through a friend I met Ingefleur. What a breath of fresh air! Ingefleur listens, discusses everything, and is very competent in her field. Several months later my cycle is regular, I feel a … Continue reading Jessica, The Netherlands (early menopause)

Jessica, The Netherlands (early menopause)

"I am a living proof of your vitality program. 63 and always fit to fly. Always fit for the gym. Nights missed because of intercontinental flights do not seem to keep me from a vital dynamic life. Although thyroid was checked out to be "fine", you recognized my symptoms as slowly approaching hypothyroidism and the … Continue reading Anne, The Netherlands (weight loss with sluggish thyroid)

Anne, The Netherlands (weight loss with sluggish thyroid)