Italy (fertility)

"I have lots of health issues so first things first. Started with treating hayfever this spring. Wonderful because within a week I could “breathe” again. Following this we addressed my asthma symptoms with the same result!!! I experience my menstrual cycle as a “hormones war”. However, slowly but surely this is improving too. Menstruation is … Continue reading The Netherlands (menstrual problems & allergies)

The Netherlands (menstrual problems & allergies)

"Menopause symptoms started way too early, irregular cycle, painful breast. Having used the contraceptive pill & the coil only made it worse. Through a friend I met Ingefleur. What a breath of fresh air! Ingefleur listens, discusses everything, and is very competent in her field. Several months later my cycle is regular, I feel a … Continue reading The Netherlands (early menopause)

The Netherlands (early menopause)

  We are currently conducting an international study on adrenal fatigue & hypothyroidism. Click here if you want to learn more & join.

The Netherlands (weight loss with sluggish thyroid)

"My two girls were pretty healthy but they were both coughing a lot - one of them for several months and had to use a (steroids) inhaler every night. We were lucky enough to be sat next to a homeopath (Ingefleur) in our local restaurant and we got talking about the girls. We set up … Continue reading United Kingdom (daughter on asthma inhaler)

United Kingdom (daughter on asthma inhaler)

"Just wanted to let you know that God has done it, I am pregnant! Thank you so much for your help. I am so happy, God is so wonderful."

Switzerland (41 years old with scarred fallopian tubes)

"Our little boy is a miracle. Will be grateful forever to you for suggesting the appointment which helped us to conceive so quickly."

United Kingdom (unexplained infertility)

"I am so pleased that I met Ingefleur. She is incredibly knowledgable and passionate about homeopathy, and has a wonderful caring nature making all interactions with her so genuine and supportive. I cannot recommend her and her professional health advice and vitality treatment enough! She has persevered with not only my health case but my sons to ensure we both … Continue reading Australia (mom with disrupted cycles and baby with recurring fevers)

Australia (mom with disrupted cycles and baby with recurring fevers)

"We saw the embryologist earlier this week. She was very positive and said that given our age we had produced good quality eggs and said the entire lab were amazed at what we achieved. Think that is a compliment!! If we can replicate this cycle we might get there. Apparently up to 80% of my … Continue reading T.S. (preparing for IVF)

T.S. (preparing for IVF)

“I’m so grateful that I met Ingefleur. Not only is she deeply kind, patient and empathetic in her approach, she has been extremely dedicated in helping me to balance my underlying hormonal problems. She has a wealth of knowledge & insight and has really encouraged me to connect with my body in a new and … Continue reading C.A. (young lady with PCOS)

C.A. (young lady with PCOS)