Ingefleur has helped me in so many ways.  I’ve had years of digestive problems (ie. constipation, irritable bowel, gluten sensitivity, slow stomach emptying, etc.) I’m almost 60 and could not remember a time when I had normal digestion.  After working with Ingefleur for a few months, I am thrilled with the results.   My digestive problems are virtually gone.  I was not a big believer in homeopathic medicine, but it has changed my life.  I have been able to occasionally add in breads and pastas to my diet.  Ingefleur has helped me with my arthritis, liver, thyroid and energy level as well.   She has incredible skill in this field and after very detailed analysis, diagnoses the problem very accurately.   I can not stress enough, how important it is to find a homeopath like Ingefleur.  She’s amazing!!!

Martha, United States (sluggish thyroid, digestive problems & allergies)