“I am so pleased that I met Ingefleur. She is incredibly knowledgable and passionate about homeopathy, and has a wonderful caring nature making all interactions with her so genuine and supportive. I cannot recommend her and her professional health advice and vitality treatment enough! She has persevered with not only my health case but my sons to ensure we both see the positive affects of homeopathic treatment for ourselves. Ingefleur was an integral part of my health journey and recovery following the birth of my son. My son suffered with severe reflux and feeding issues due to prematurity however with Ingefleur’s professional advice and support we were able to travel abroad to enjoy a holiday and friends wedding when he was just 3 months old. After both not responding as well as hoped to many remedies indicated for our health concerns Ingefleur recommended we try a new approach. So most recently we have both embarked on a cortisone steroid ‘detox’ which has had incredible results for us both, aiding my son to heal naturally and seemingly eliminate his recurrent ear infections and unexplained feverish illnesses. I have battled with very painful and traumatic menstrual cycles all my life, and finally I have been able to menstruate without experiencing such traumatic symptoms each month. We are now responding to remedies that previously had little affect. If you are considering a homeopathic approach to your health then Ingefleur will without a doubt be able to support you in improving your health, like she has for us. (I have chosen to remain anonymous due to the public nature of Facebook.)”

Australia (mom with disrupted cycles and baby with recurring fevers)