I found Ingefleur when seeking to find answer to why I was experiencing repeated miscarriages. The NHS had failed to find anything wrong with either myself or my husband. Through homeopathy Ingefleur successfully detoxed us and treated us both for this issue. She showed us how to chart my fertility and we went on to successfully conceive-our rainbow baby. Ingefleur supported me through a difficult pregnancy using homeopathy and our beautiful baby Margot came into the world on the 3rd April to complete our family. I would highly recommend Ingefleur to any couple needing any fertility help!

Janine, UK, missed miscarriages due to metal toxicity

Just wanted to let you know that God has done it, I am pregnant! Thank you so much for your help. I am so happy, God is so wonderful.

Switzerland, infertility due to scarred fallopian tubes

Ingefleur is the best. I am astonished at how much time, effort, and care she puts into her work. She is very intelligent, diligent, and is a real joy to work with. She genuinely cares about the health of me and my family. My husband and I decided we wanted to start a family soon after our marriage which led to two and a half years of trying and not a single pregnancy. We both started homeopathic treatment with Ingefleur and seven months later we finally were gifted with our baby. I cannot recommend her enough!

Emma, unexplained infertility, 10 weeks pregnant

Our little boy is a miracle. Will be grateful forever to you for suggesting the appointment which helped us to conceive so quickly.

UK, unexplained infertility

Update: this lady fell pregnant a few months after writing this! – “I would like to share my story for anyone that is thinking about homeopathic natural remedies as I am just so thrilled with my progress in such a short space of time! I have had problems ovulating regularly and would only ovulate every second month and feel the twinge in the left hand side and I was producing no CM [cervical mucus]. Well today, after less than 3 weeks taking my remedies I can feel ovulation on my other ovary! And have produced CM! Super super happy and feeling positive for what the future holds with my fertility journey! I am so grateful for Ingefleur and her continuous support.


Ingefleur came highly recommended to me by a friend who is also a homeopath. I have not been disappointed. I have used homeopathy before and am still in awe of how one tiny remedy can have such a profound effect. After suffering an ectopic pregnancy and loosing a fallopian tube, coupled with my age (42) I was starting to lose hope of having another baby. Then I met Ingefleur. After our initial consultation a remedy program was prescribed. I’m thrilled to say we fell pregnant a month and a half later, after over a year of trying. We are currently 31wks pregnant. Ingefleur has been a constant source of support both to my emotional and physical wellbeing throughout this pregnancy. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services and her amazing knowledge of homeopathy for fertility as well as her boundless positivity.

Dania, UK, 31 weeks pregnant

Just wanted to shared how homeopathy worked with me and my family. Before I knew about homeopathy, I had two miscarriages [in 8 years]. I lost my hope to get pregnant again not just because of the miscarriages but also my age. When at 41 I had my second miscarriage, I thought wouldn't be able to get pregnant again, until one day I approached Ingefleur. I had nothing to lose, so I started treatment. A million thanks to Ingefleur because at 43, I got pregnant for the 3rd time and now my beloved daughter is nearly 4 years old. She is a healthy and smart little girl. She knows what medicine is best for her and when she a has a bad cold, it’s a struggle to let her take paracetamol or calpol, because she insists on homeopathic remedies instead! So those of you who want to have kids, or lost hope cause it’s hard to get pregnant, I’d like to encourage you to go for homeopathy, you have nothing to lose. Whenever may family or me are unwell, we now take homeopathic remedies, cause as I know it’s safe.

Juliet, UK, recurring miscarriages

My sweet rainbow baby girl. 16 weeks and growing beautifully. We conceived after the first month of treatment by Ingefleur Spreij! Still continuing treatment to help ward off morning sickness and the pregnancy migraines I get. Keep the faith, ladies! Ingefleur is so easy to talk to and she really listens to each and every issue or symptom I am experiencing. After just one week of starting my first remedy, my headaches and hot flashes have nearly disappeared. They used to be a daily occurrence and believe me when I tell you I have tried everything else to relieve them. I used to suffer from insomnia, and I already notice a difference in my sleep pattern. No more staring at the ceiling for hours! Homeopathic remedies have started to make a difference where traditional medicine could not. Thank you, Ingefleur!

Melissa, USA, ectopic & miscarriages