Since working as a homeopathic fertility specialist, I have had a 91%* success rate for couples trying to conceive naturally.

Ingefleur Fertility Homeopath

Are you trying to conceive but month after month getting negative pregnancy tests?

Then I am so glad you have made it here then!

My name is Ingefleur and I help couples just like you to conceive naturally, and carry and deliver beautiful babies.

Since working as a homeopathic fertility specialist, I have had a 91%* success rate for couples trying to conceive naturally.

“I was starting to lose hope of having another baby. Then I met Ingefleur.” Dania, 31 weeks pregnant

By focusing on the health and vitality of both yourself and your partner, I can help you to improve your fertility and general well-being so you can conceive naturally. Although getting pregnant feels like it should be the simplest thing in the world, it is actually a pretty complex process with lots of opportunities for something to go wrong.

As a fertility homeopath I will work with you to identify problems, re-balance the necessary hormones and achieve the essential health and vitality you need to get pregnant and carry full term.

My sweet rainbow baby girl. 16 weeks and growing beautifully. We conceived after the first month of treatment by Ingefleur! – Melissa, previous ectopic pregnancy

On my natural fertility treatment plans, all of my patients see signs of improved fertility within just 1 month! These include:

“Our beautiful baby Margot completed our family. I would highly recommend Ingefleur to any couple needing any fertility help!” – Janine, history of missed miscarriages

I have successfully treated couples that have tried IVF, are over 40, have histories of miscarriages and even couples who have been told by their doctors that they will never be able to conceive. Read more about the Fertility Pathway or apply right awat for the next available slot and let’s get you started on your path to pregnancy, birth and your baby!

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I work internationally with patients over video calls as well as locally at my clinic in The Netherlands.

*91% success rate for those couples that completed a 6 month treatment plan.