It is possible to increase your chances of falling pregnant naturally!

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Ingefleur Spreij, Fertility Homeopath

As a matter of fact, I see it in my clinic all the time. Of the women that have come to see me, all have noticed an improvement in their fertility within the first month. For example:

  • Increased fertile cervical mucus
  • Lengthening of the luteal phase
  • Better time ovulation
  • Less erratic temperatures pre-ovulation
  • Higher temperatures post-ovulation
  • Reduced menstrual pains
  • Reduced pre-menstrual symptoms
  • Better quality menstruation (heavier or lighter, depending on where they came from!)

Even couples that seem to have already tried everything, become parents after homeopathic treatment. Couples that have tried IVF, couples that are over 40, have histories of miscarriages. Even couples who have been told by their doctors that they will never be able to conceive…

Amy had severely scarred fallopian tubes but fell pregnant at 41 years old.

Mary and her husband had been trying for 8 years and experienced several miscarriages. However, after a  few months of homeopathic treatment Mary conceived at 43 years old and now has been the mother of a healthy girl for several years.

Yanna and her husband suffered from unexplained fertility but she fell pregnant the first cycle after starting remedies and they now have a son.

Lisa could not conceive month after month, year after year of trying, except for an ectopic pregnancy that cost her one of her ovaries, which kick-started early menopause. The hormonal imbalance was reversed through homeopathic remedies and she and her husband now have a baby girl.

These are just a few of the couples that have experienced how homeopathy can restore fertility! Read more…

My name is Ingefleur and as a homeopath I help couples conceive naturally.

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