Are you ready to reclaim your fertility?

Your fertility is yours. It has always been yours. And it’s time to take it back.

If you aren’t getting pregnant or if you keep miscarrying, there is no superficial fix that will help you conceive. If there was, you’d have found it and you wouldn’t be here. 

There are many lovely resources on the internet with natural suggestions to boost your fertility. But they lack a tailored approach to you. 

The Fertility Reclaim is a (DIY) program that helps you get to the root of why you aren’t getting pregnant or not carrying your pregnancies full term. It gives you the natural solutions, including homeopathic detoxing of synthetic hormones & heavy metals, for your particular fertility hurdle(s). 

You decide the pace. And with what you learn, you also decide which solutions you need to apply in your life to reclaim your fertility.

Must see videos from my YouTube channel

“Should I use progesterone?” This is a question I get all the time from my patients or in the comments section on my YouTube channel. While I can’t answer that question with a straight yes or no, I can provide you with this video in which I discuss a couple of things to keep in mind to help you decide if supplementing with progesterone is appropriate for you. Are you struggling with figuring out if you have low progesterone in the first place?

In The Fertility Reclaim, you learn how to spot low progesterone signs & symptoms and how to solve the cause of your low progesterone naturally, permanently and without side-effects.

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