About Ingefleur

Homeopathy is my passion. It has been ever since I could speak and pronounce the names of the remedies my parents gave me for ear infections: Pulsatilla and Chamomilla. These names sounded so magical and beautiful to me that I decided that when I grew up I should have twins with those names. Don’t call child services just yet, I have not traumatized any children with these names so far!

As a teenager I became chronically ill and could not apply for medical school as a result and so I gave up my long cherished dream of being a homeopathic doctor. There were no homeopathic schools that accepted high school graduates as students at the time and I figured it were for the better because I had more faith in the combination of conventional and homeopathic medicine anyway. And so I went on to study Public Administration and worked in Brussels for Dutch regional representatives.

After receiving my Masters degree in European Studies, the global economy had suffered a lot under the economic crisis and the job market was very tight, not to mention that my illness had developed to the point that I really could not work anymore anyway.

That is when my long lost dream started to whisper in my ear again. Was there really not a way to study medicine after all and become a homeopathic family practitioner? It kept occupying my mind but there was no way for me to study medicine anywhere in Europe.


Then one day the website of the Center of Homeopathic Education (CHE) caught my eye which had a Bachelors accredited course in homeopathy through Middlesex University and included a decent basis in anatomy and physiology. Within a couple of months I moved to London and started the course.

Thanks to being back under homeopathic treatment myself, my health improved a lot during my studies as well. I arrived in London with a zimmerframe and on strong painkillers and lots of other drugs. When I graduated, I had several patients and worked at a homeopathic pharmacy meaning I was standing on my feet 3 days a week!

Because I have always loved children, I now specialize in helping couples conceive healthy babies. I get to lose myself in homeopathy daily and empowering women to take their fertility back into their own hands.

Fifteen years ago, I could have never imagined being able to work every day in the field that I am deeply passionate about, getting married to a lovely man and enjoying my doggy Dee Delight (who is a true delight!). Not to mention.. I couldn’t have imagined becoming a mother of two healthy children as I had been told that due to my auto immune disease I would likely never conceive or always miscarry.

I am a living example of how homeopathy can change people’s lives and I want to pass that on to others.


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