Every couple I work with is unique and walking alongside them on their fertility journey is an absolute honor. It is a joy to be working out with couples what is keeping them from conceiving and carrying to full term. Even more so, every message of a positive pregnancy test is a good excuse for a happy dance in my office and each first picture of a newborn patient still brings tears to my eyes.

I have therefore selected a few cases to share with you so that you may feel inspired and encouraged in your heart’s desire for a baby of your own.

Some of these cases have also been published in the professional homeopathy journal Hpathy.

Mary & Robbert – high prolactin & repeated miscarriages. Mary & Robbert tried to fall pregnant for 8 years but the only two pregnancies they had ended in miscarriages. They now parent a beautiful little girl that turns 4 this summer [2018].

Angela & Marcus – scarred fallopian tubes. was given up on as fertility patient by her doctors because of her severely scarred falopian tubes. With remedies we managed to unblock her falopian tubes however and so she was able to fall pregnant. Angela gave her husband Marcus a son in February 2017.

Carine & George – infertile after ectopic pregnancy. Carine & George really wanted a sibling for their daughter, but after losing a fallopian tube in an ectopic pregnancy, Carine just didn’t fall pregnant again and the fear of falling pregnant was quite big. Within two months of treatment and support in charting she however fell pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby boy 9 months later.

Ivan & Anastasia – unexplained infertility. Ivan & Anastasia suffered with unexplained infertility. It is hard enough to not be able to conceive, but not to know why is a whole other challenge. Anastasia however fell pregnant after only one prescription of remedies!

Miriam & Joe – missed miscarriages. This couple had gone through lots of grief before they came to me after having had several missed miscarriages after Miriam had been able to carry & give birth to several children. As it turned out a metal detox would change their life and give them the baby girl they so longed for!