2017 Terms & Conditions of Treatment Ingefleur Homeopathy

The following terms and conditions of treatment apply to any treatment with Ingefleur Homeopathy and have been set up to ensure that all patients receive the best and most efficient care possible. Patients automatically acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions when booking an appointment through the online booking calendar.

1. Booking appointments

Appointments can be reserved directly in the online booking calendar. An appointment is only confirmed when payment has been processed. A slot remains reserved for 3 days after which it is released again.

Patients are asked to carefully check that their time zone is selected when booking. The following times will be reserved in the calendar for different types of appointments:

Introductory meeting (new patients) – 15 min
Urgent short appointment (existing patients)  – 20 min
Fertility intake – 90-120 min
Fertility follow-up appointments – 60-90 min
Non-fertility intake – 60-90 min
Non-fertility follow-up – 30-45 min
Family appointments – 60-90 min

Consultations can be held at the clinic in Blaricum (The Netherlands) or via video call on Skype or WhatsApp.

2. Attendance of appointments

Appointments can be rescheduled or canceled up to 48 hours in advance and are otherwise charged to cover the cost of the lost clinical time.

A courtesy reminder will be sent 24-48 hours in advance. However, not receiving this reminder does not constitute grounds for non-attendance.

We reserve the right to ask patients to book a new appointment if they are more than 15 minutes late to a first appointment or 10 minutes to a follow-up.

In the unusual event that we need to reschedule an appointment due to unforeseen circumstances (such as illness or loss of Internet connection) we will endeavor to provide patients with as much notice as possible and reappoint them to the soonest available date and time.

3. Payment & fees 2017

Payments for consultations can be made via PayPal: wwww.paypal.me/vitalityforfertility. A payment link is included in the appointment reservation e-mail.  A PayPal account is not needed to use this payment method, a credit or debit card suffices. Payments can be made in Euros or US Dollars.

In order to reduce administration costs and time spent on chasing payments, patients are asked pay for their consultations within three days of reserving a slot.  The appointment is only confirmed once payment has been processed.

Fees per January 2017
Introduction meeting  – free
Urgent short appointment (existing patients)  – 40 USD / 30 EUR
Fertility appointments – 150 USD / 130 EUR
Non-fertility appointments – 95 USD / 75 EUR
Mother & child appointments* – 95 USD / 75 EUR
Family appointments (2-3 members)** – 150 USD / 130 EUR

* Children up to 2 years | ** For larger families, fees can be agreed upon

4. Contacting Ingefleur Homeopathy

Depending on the query, there are different methods of contacting Ingefleur Homeopathy with questions, updates or advice requests.

Appointments can be made directly in the online booking calendar. Canceling or rescheduling can be done easily by clicking the cancel or reschedule button in the confirmation e-mail.

Patients are kindly asked to use e-mail as their first point of contact. The inbox for this e-mail address is checked once a day on Tuesdays through Saturdays. E-mails are replied to in order of urgency and patients are recommended to keep their messages brief to ensure quicker replies.

In case of emergencies, please contact Ingefleur via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Please do ensure it is an emergency (this includes children’s fevers and labour). For all urgently needed care that is a non-emergency, 20 minute update slots are available in the online booking calendar.

It is encouraged to ask general fertility questions in Ingefleur Homeopathy’s fertility community on Facebook, Becoming Vital & Fertile. This is a closed group to protect the privacy of members, and membership is not shown on profiles.

5. Discounted & free treatment

Discounted and free treatment includes the Pay-It-Forward program, treatment that is won through contests, and treatment that is part of studies executed by Ingefleur Homeopathy.

The Pay-It-Forward program offers discounted treatment for those needing care but not able to afford it. If you wish to participate in this program, please e-mail and explain why you are applying for a place on this program. Couples seeking treatment to conceive unfortunately do not qualify for this program.

A discounted fee depending on your means will be agreed upon. The program includes three consecutive 4-6 weekly appointments unless otherwise agreed upon. After this period, the place on program and the treatment progress are evaluated.

In addition to the general terms and conditions, the following terms apply to all discounted and free treatments:

  • An appointment canceled with less than 48 hours notice is lost permanently

  • A spot on the program will be lost immediately without warning if:

    • Payment has not been received in advance of an appointment.

    • The patient does not show up to an appointment without having given notice.

    • Appointments are rescheduled more than once during a 3 month period.

    • Updates requested as part of the treatment, are not given timely.

    • Follow-up appointments are not held at 4-6 week intervals.

6. Obtaining prescribed remedies

Treatment does not include remedies. Patients can order their remedies directly from Amazon, Helios Pharmacy (UK), Ainsworths Pharmacy (UK), Similimum (NZ), Hahnemann Apotheek (NL), or Source Homeopathy (US). The Frequently Asked Questions section provides contact information for these pharmacies.

Patients will be advised which supplier will suit them best, taking into account the availability of remedies, shipping time and costs.

It is advised to purchase the 32 Basic Remedy Kit from Helios (also available from Amazon in the US) so that in the event of an acute or emergency, Ingefleur can prescribe remedies from this hoe pharmacy.

7. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Treatment

Patients automatically acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions when booking an appointment through the online booking calendar.