Supervision & mentoring

Fertility is such an exciting field, but it is also very complex. I suspect this is why I get many questions and requests for help, advice & mentoring from both student homeopaths as well as colleagues. I absolutely love sharing with others the expertise that I have gained through long hours of studying & research and of course through treating couples with (in)fertility. That is why I offer a select number of supervision / mentoring sessions.

In these sessions we:

  • Discuss your cases;
  • Talk about the basics and more complex elements of (in)fertility such as hormone balance, toxicity, medical test results;
  • Walk through important homeopathic remedies in treating couples with fertility issues;
  • Practise with charting cycles and reading information from patient charts.

My time is valuable and in the homeopathic community there is a culture to charge for sessions to encourage students to properly charge their patients too. However, I remember supervision sessions used to be hard on my budget and I was grateful that my mentor charged relatively little and gave me much time! Therefore I also offer these 1,5 hours sessions at €75.

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