Seeing that pregnancy test show up positive as soon as you and your love have decided you want to start trying for a baby?

Getting pregnant naturally, without invasive treatments and drugs that harm your health and down the line your baby’s?

Having a healthy and comfortable pregnancy, allowing you to ENJOY this unique time of your life and the bond with the child that you are carrying?

Starting your baby’s life on the right foot from conception, to a positive birth and post-partum period giving you the chance to bond with your baby and establish breastfeeding…

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You are a whole person

You might feel broken, you might feel incomplete, but you’re still a whole person.

Your toes aren’t separate from your fingers, your heart not from your brain, your emotions not from your body, your past not from your future.

Seriously, lovely. You aren’t the sum of your ovaries, uterus, and hormone glands. A human incubator. 

You are a whole person. 

With body parts, a history, a relationship, hopes, dreams, worries and fears. 

whole person.

Let’s not reduce you to blood tests and pelvic scans. 

​​​​​​​Let’s treat you – and your partner – as a whole. As the start of a family (which happens to also be a whole entity, not the sum of parts).