Booking an appointment

Due to the popularity of my Fertility Assessment appointments, I have started working with a waiting list.

You can join the waiting list automatically by filling out an application form and you will be contacted as soon as booking slots become available for you. *** Please note that when receiving an invitation you will have 48h to book after which slots will be offered to the next couple(s) on the waiting list and that fees are subject to change. ***

If you are currently pregnant and would like an appointment for a pregnancy action plan (€300) please head on over to the contact form to request an appointment. I know it can be scary if you have been trying for a while or have had several losses so I reserve a few slots just for you pregnant ladies to give you the support when you need it most.

Fertility Assessment (€200)

During a 45 minute session we will discuss your case and go through any charts you may have to identify your fertility hurdles. Please note this excludes a prescription or Fertility Action Plan. For this, please book a Fertility Assessment PLUS.

Fertility Assessment PLUS (€400)

During a 45 minute session we will discuss your case and go through any charts you may have to identify your fertility hurdles. Following the consultation, I will email you your fertility action plan, along with details of any recommended resources, for you to execute at home.

Follow up

  • If you need to touch base while following your plan, you can book in an email follow up (€30).
  • Once you have completed the plan you can book a Fertility Follow-up (€350) to discuss your progress and for me to recommend next steps.
  • Once you have fallen pregnant, you can book in for a Pregnancy Action Plan to execute during your pregnancy to support baby’s development & prepare your body for birth.

As a patient that has had a Fertility Assessment PLUS, you will receive access to the private calendar with these booking slots.

Use your waiting time well

While you are waiting for an appointment, it will benefit you to check out the homeopathic detox protocols which have been made available for purchase.  Many couples no longer need an appointment with me after doing one or several of these detoxes. Those who do come in for an appointment later on, make good use of their waiting time as it allows us to zoom into their case if they have already completed or started a detox. This makes their fertility action plan more tailored and saves them time.

Other appointments & services

To receive updates on new or returning services such as chart analyses, webinars or the chart interpretation course, please join the mailing list.