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Success of natural fertility treatment

Over the years of working as a fertility homeopath I came to discover the best and quickest results came from the cases where:

  • The couples had monthly follow-ups;
  • I worked closely with the couples so that homeopathic prescriptions could be tweaked when needed;
  • The couples took the supplements I recommended;
  • The women charted their cycles precisely so we could monitor improvements in the hormone balance.

Of all the couples that completed their treatment with me in this way, 66% conceived within 6 months and 91% with 9 months.

This is why I developed 3 fertility plans that include all of these elements and give you the best chance of falling pregnant naturally aswell.

Fertility Boost, Fertility Balance, or Fertility Breakthrough?

Which plan you need, depends on your medical history and fertility journey so far. I will advise you your plan during your your Fertility Assessment which you can book after applying (read more about the Fertility Pathway when starting treatment). To give you an idea, here are some examples of which type of cases typically need the Fertility Boost, the Fertility Balance, or the Fertility Breakthrough package.


Every fertility plan includes:

    • Fertility case analysis session (90 min)
    • Fertility strategy session with strategist Helen Soutar (60 min)
    • Kindara Wink – a Basal Body Temperature (BBT) thermometer that syncs with your phone through Bluetooth
    • Kindara Premium subscription 1 year
    • Ovulation tests & pregnancy tests for the duration of the plan
    • Homeopathic home pharmacy with 36 remedies
    • Individualised homeopathic remedies for the duration of the plan
    • Individually chosen supplements for the duration of the plan
    • Bi-weekly appointments: 1 full fertility follow-up and 1 short fertility update

Read more about the Fertility Pathway when you start natural fertility treatment with me.

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