Success Story: Miriam & Joe – missed miscarriages

Although Miriam had 2 healthy children from a previous relationship and one healthy boy with Joe, the couple had suffered loss after loss after that. She couldn’t even be happy with a positive pregnancy test anymore but it was even worse when those positives stopped all together. A metal detox however, turned it all around for them.

Within 2 months of treatment she fell pregnant. That in itself was a miracle as she had not fallen pregnant anymore for several years after many losses.

Because of her history of miscarriages, she was scheduled for an early ultrasound. I have my reservations about ultrasounds because I see so many missed miscarriages with them, but after giving parents-to-be the information to make a decision themselves, I always respect their choice. Sadly, the baby stopped developing right after that ultrasound and Miriam had to go through a D&C at 11 weeks pregnancy.

We continued treatment and included hubby this time around. After all, it takes 2 to tango and we need both a healthy ovum and healthy sperm for a healthy pregnancy and baby! In fact I have since stopped treating just women for infertility as the success rates are significantly higher when couples come together for treatment.

Often in cases of recurring miscarriages there is metal toxicity with either or both of the parents which causes a fertilized egg to not implant properly or for sperm to be abnormal. This is why I now often urge couples that have repeated losses, to have a hair mineral test done so that I can assess if metal toxicity is an issue.

Couples are higher at risk when they:

  • Smoke or have smoked in the past
  • Have amalgam (dental) fillings
  • Live in the city
  • Have had lots of vaccinations
  • Work with metals such as painters or glassblowers do

Detoxing metals can be done very effectively with homeopathic remedies and is more gentle than chelation protocols with supplements are for example. So of course I detoxed Miriam & Joe when I learned he was a smoker and had worked, and Miriam was an ex-smoker too.

During the detox Miriam & Joe took a break from trying while we also talked about and worked on processing the grief about the losses they experienced.

Once they completed the detox I gave them the green light to start trying but not long was needed! The second cycle after the detox, Miriam fell pregnant again!

This time they decided to not do an early ultrasound, but wait till the 12 week scan instead. That 8 week wait between finding out and that scan were hard on Miriam, but I kept reminding her that a scan would not give her more peace of mind and that the months of homeopathic treatment had put both her and Joe in a better position.

So finally, at 12 weeks, armed with Ultrasound as homeopathic remedy, she had her scan.

The scan showed that baby was developing beautifully and at the 20 week scan – which they opted for as well – all was confirmed to be well too! Miriam is now 38 weeks pregnant and she, Joe and the kids can’t wait to meet their rainbow addition!

Update June 2018: Miriam has given birth to a healthy happy girl. Joe, Miriam & the older kids are over the moon with this little princess.