Frequently asked questions


When should I test if I am pregnant?

14 days after you have confirmed ovulation. Ovulation is confirmed by 3 raised temperatures in you chart following a positive ovulation test or fertile cervical mucus. Sign up to the free charting course to learn more about identifying your fertile window. Watch this video about when to test after suspected implantation!

Could you please have a look at my chart?

Honestly, I’d love to.. I really enjoy analyzing charts. However, my time is limited and I currently can only indulge in the charts I’m seeing from my detoxers & patients.
You can learn yourself though how to interpret your charts the same way that I do. I teach this in videos + easily fillable worksheets in my Chart Interpretation Course.

I cannot see any open slots in your calendar.

The fertility assessments are limited in amount. That’s why I am currently running a waiting list, you can sign up here.

Is it possible to get your advice without a fertility plan?

Yes, if you are doing a homeopathic detox protocol, you can book in time in my calendar for an email consultation. The link for this is provided in your confirmation email,

I have a question about detoxing homeopathically

Have a look at the FAQ for the homeopathic detox protocols.

Where do I buy homeopathic remedies from?

  • Some are sold by online retailers
  • Helios Pharmacy, United Kingdom (ships worldwide)
  • Ainsworth Pharmacy, United Kingdom
  • Natural Health Supply, New Mexico, United States
  • OHM Pharma, Texas, United States
  • Similimum, New Zealand
  • Hahneman apotheek, The Netherlands

Where do I buy Ultrasound 30c

Read the three part series on the risks of ultrasounds, the research and your alternatives.

Is the pregnancy tissue salt instead of prenatal vitamins?

No it’s not, it is an addition to help you take up the nutrients from both your diet and supplements. A prenatal that includes folate is highly advisable. Read more about the pregnancy tissue salt program.

Which remedy should I take for … / How should I take [remedy name]…?

It’s difficult to advice on which remedy to take or how to take it, when I haven’t taken your case and am not your homeopath. It is recommended to seek the help of a trained homeopath for a tailored prescription.

Questions about Calc Fluor

I have mentioned this tissue salt in a video or two and it has caused for a bazillion emails on this topic! It is a tissue salt that specifically supports implantation. I have written & published an article on the Pregnancy tissue salt program. PP1-4 is the pregnancy tissue salt combination available at Helios Pharmacy. Listed below are the most asked questions about Calc Fluor.

Which Calc Fluor do I need? Which potency/strength/posology?

In the potency 6x. In Europe this can sometimes be D10 or D12.

Is 12x/3c/6c/30c/any other potency ok too?

No, in order to use it as a tissue salt it needs to be a 6x.

Where do I buy Calc Fluor?

Lots of online retailers provide these such as Amazon, natural healthcare stores, and otherwise homeopathic pharmacies (see below).

When do I take Calc Fluor? Do I have to stop when I have a positive pregnancy test?

From ovulation until your period starts or until the 13th week of pregnancy. When you have a confirmed pregnancy test you can also move onto the Pregnancy Tissue Salt program which includes Calc Fluor.

You can also take Calc Fluor in your follicular phase, no problem it’s just especially important in the luteal phase.

How much do I take?

As instructed on the bottle or 3-4 times a day 2 tablets/pills.

Can I take Calc Fluor when doing IVF?

Yes, you can take the Calc Fluor from transfer until 12 weeks pregnancy. When you have a confirmed pregnancy test you can also move onto the Pregnancy Tissue Salt program which includes Calc Fluor.

Is Highlands a good brand?

Yes that’s fine. As is Boiron and New Era. This doesn’t mean other brands aren’t good enough, but if you have found one of these, those are great.

My question isn’t listed

If your question isn’t answered up above, then feel free to send it in via the contact form.