Frequently asked questions

Where do I get homeopathic remedies from (including ultrasound 30c and calc fluor 6x?

  • Helios Pharmacy, United Kingdom (tissue salt program remedies)
  • Ainsworth Pharmacy, United Kingdom (tissue salt program remedies)
  • Natural Health Supply, New Mexico, United States
  • OHM Pharma, Texas, United States
  • Similimum, New Zealand
  • Hahneman apotheek, The Netherlands

Is it possible to get your advice without doing a fertility plan?
Yes, just book in a fertility assessment.

What is homeopathy?
Homeopathy is a holistic and natural medicine that stimulates a patient’s own healing ability. Minimal intervention is used to stimulate that healing ability, therefore remedies are highly diluted. Because of this high dilution, homeopathic remedies have no toxic side-effects. Because homeopathic treatment is aimed at treating a whole person and not just a symptom, the right remedy would raise the patient’s vitality, connect physical and mental symptoms, and so may relieve their symptoms.

What are the consultations like?
The prescriptions I write out, are not on disease pictures but on symptoms that are specific to you. I take into account all of you when I choose suitable remedies. That is why in a consultation I ask you a lot more things than just around your presenting complaint. We talk about your life style, medical history, other complaints, your preferences and dislikes, sleep and general well-being, and so on!

What are the homeopathic remedies like?
Remedies are in the forms of tablets, little pillules or drops. Because the remedies are supposed to trigger a reaction from the body’s own healing ability and minimal intervention is used, you will likely not be prescribed to take remedies as often as you may be used to in orthodox medicine.
Remedies are prescribed on the idea that like cures like. Substances that produce symptoms in a healthy person, can cure those symptoms in someone who is sick. A good example is Alium Cepa which is onion. When cutting up an onion, many people experience watering and burning eyes, a symptom that is also common for some hay fever sufferers. So you can imagine this is a remedy frequently prescribed for hay fever.

Does homeopathy work like vaccines?
A little bit yes… but mostly no! The similarity between homeopathic remedies and vaccines is that they are both given to stimulate the body’s healing ability. However, vaccines are given to healthy people to generate an immune response to prevent getting sick in the future, while homeopathic remedies are given to sick people to stimulate their healing ability to cure themselves.
Vaccines are also known to generate side-effects while homeopathic remedies are gentle on the body and have no side-effects.

Will symptoms get worse before they get better?
Not necessarily but it is possible, as the body starts to heal it may try to throw of the symptoms which is a good sign. Sometimes in that process old symptoms return may return shortly. If this occurs, the aggravation should be mild and last only shortly. I always ask my patients to contact me if they are worried when symptoms worsen temporarily so that I can asses the situation and reassure you your body is doing the right thing or prescribe you remedies to alleviate discomfort if needed.

Are there any contra indications with taking homeopathy and other medication?
No, homeopathy is complementary to other medicine. However it is good to know that many types of medication work by suppressing the symptoms a patient is suffering from. These medications therefore mask the symptom picture, possibly making it trickier to find the most indicated remedy. Also homeopathic remedies will try to help resolve the cause of the symptoms, and while taking other medications it might be difficult to determine whether the remedies are indeed doing their job. Whenever patients decide they want to stop prescribed drugs I always ask them to do this in cooperation with the practitioner that prescribed it to them, as is also ordered by the Code of Ethics which I am bound to as a registered homeopath.

Is homeopathy enough for me?
I have seen homeopathy resolve many different conditions and improve the quality of life of many people. Nevertheless, homeopathy in my opinion does not stand alone. Life-style choices with regard to diet, pace of life, sleep and exercise influence health on one hand, and conventional medicine must not be disregarded on the other hand especially in severe cases where homeopathy might take too long to help the body to heal itself. I usually recommend supplements to patients as well and for mechanical complaints I highly recommend osteopathy. Homeopathic remedies tell the body how to heal itself, but without building blocks it cannot do much!
If patients want to come off medications, I suggest this is done very carefully and only in cooperation with their doctor as it can be very dangerous to quit medications in some instances. Even where it is not possible to come off conventional drugs, homeopathy as a complimentary medicine can prove to be helpful in the general health of the patient and manage side-effects.