Success Story: Scarred fallopian tubes – Angela & Marcus

“Ingefleur”, Angela starts the consultation, “I have some news”. Carefully nodding at her, my questioning eyes ask “yes?”, which she answers with a big smile and nod: “Yes, I am pregnant! Praise God!”.

Scarred fallopian tubes

What a difference this is from when I first met her. She was early forties with a similar radiant smile but one that hid long term grief over an empty womb.

She had more or less given up on trying to conceive as doctors had told her she would never conceive, not even with IVF.

Several surgeries had caused her fallopian tubes to be so severely scarred that no doctor had hope for this woman to become a momma.

Her dream to hold a baby of her own never left her and so she contacted me. “I am ok with whatever happens, but I want to be in the healthiest place I can be. Maybe I can still get pregnant then… can you help?”. And so we started treatment.

Remedies for scarred fallopian tubes

We had the pharmacy combine Silica and Thiosinamine in potency 6x for her to take for several months in the hope that her body would rid itself of the scar tissue. At the same time we looked at her menstrual cycle and started with other remedies to regulate the cycle and encourage healthy and timely ovulation as she also had symptoms of undiagnosed hypothyroidism.

Month after month her menstruation improved, the heaviness of her flow reduced, and so did her her cramps and premenstrual symptoms of fatigue and headaches. She was finally experiencing what a healthy cycle is like.

Then she started charting, measuring her basal body temperature in the morning and testing her urine for the hormone LH (triggers ovulation) and to our great excitement, we could conclude that she had started ovulating! Finally, that wonderful day came. A year after we started treatment.

A healthy little egg had found it’s way through a once severely scarred and given up on fallopian tube. She was pregnant…

Again that big smile, but this time it wasn’t covering up grief…!

Update 15/03/17 – Angela gave birth to her first born and healthy son end of February 2017! Her husband Marcus is of course over the moon with his heir.

* Names changed to protect privacy.