Frequently asked questions about homeopathic detoxing

Have you gotten started with one of the homeopathic detox protocols, or are you considering to get started but have you got some questions? Check out the most frequently asked (and answered!) questions below. If your question isn’t listed, please contact me by sending an e-mail.

Where can I order detox remedies?

For USA/Canada: remedies can be ordered from Source Homeopathy. However, the packets are on the small side, so you may want to use  Helios Pharmacy in London, UK, instead. They ship worldwide.

Australia/New Zealand based: We are waiting to hear back from Similimum in Oakland if they still carry these remedies. If you get in touch with them before we hear back from them and it turns out that they don’t, then we recommend Helios Pharmacy in London, UK, instead. They ship worldwide.

In all other cases: We recommend using Helios Pharmacy in London, UK. They ship worldwide.  

I cannot see the mentioned remedies on the website of the pharmacy, how can I order?

For regulation reasons, sometimes poly combinations are indeed not on the websites.
However, you can e-mail or  all the pharmacy to order the exact list as mentioned in the protocol document and they will be able to help you.

How much should I order of each remedy?

With Helios the size per bottle can be either 4gp (about 100 sugar pills) or 4g (about 80 lactose tablets). With Source homeopathy, a packet will suffice initially for most people. Should you need more when doing the individualized dosing method, you can always order extra. When contacting other pharmacies, please ask for their advise in ordering sizes.

How much do homeopathic remedies cost?

Relatively little compared to drugs or supplements. Costs per bottle range from $4.50-7.00 / EUR 5.50-8.00.

Can I do detoxes at the same time?

All fertility drugs can be detoxed at the same time, so can lots of different metals or different contraceptives at the same time, as for each of these groups remedies are available.

However, each group should be detoxed separately. This is especially the case with the method individualized dosing as you need to assess your reactions to know when to pause and (re)start.

Can we continue to try for a baby while detoxing?

Yes you can while detoxing the synthetic hormones. For detoxing the metals, it is advised to pause trying to conceive. I know this can be a hard pill (haha) to swallow, however, if you suffer from metal toxicity it is well worth the sacrifice of 2-3 cycles and reduce the risk of miscarrying amongst other risks. Pausing is advised no matter if both you and you partner are doing the detox, or just you. You can read more about metal toxicity here.