Meet the dream team!

Please meet all the lovely handpicked homeopath associates on my team. Precious women, each with their own set of unique skills, talents, (hi)stories, and experiences. Mothers with littles and mothers with teens. With all in common: their passion for homeopathy and their dedication to your and your partner’s health & fertility to help you make your dream come true of welcoming that already loved baby into your family.

Ashleigh Dyan Bayer

Why is homeopathy the best option for fertility treatment?
Homeopathy is the best option for fertility because it is safe, gentle, there are no side effects and most importantly it is effective. Not only can homeopathy increase your fertility it will also improve every aspect of your life for the better in the process! It just doesn’t get better than that!

Why did you join Ingefleur’s team?
I joined Ingefleur’s team because her advice and guidance helped me get pregnant with my rainbow baby! I love her positive outlook on life and her positive take on fertility and the knowledge she has in regards to homeopathy and falling pregnant is impressive and inspiring! I want to help as many people as possible fall pregnant naturally so they too can have a healthy happy baby! To join Ingefleur’s team seemed to me the best way to do this. To say I am thrilled to be part of her team is an understatement!

What neat homeopathic win did you have recently?
Recently my husband came home from working in the hot Sun all day! He works in construction. And working in that heat he had a horrible headache. I quickly gave him some Nux vomica and Bryonia and he relaxed and fell asleep and the next morning he was right as rain! The next day I put the same remedies in bottle of ice cold kombucha to sip all day and he came home (after working in the same hot Sun) free from any headache and full of energy! Homeopathy is amazing!

Here’s what someone else said about Ashleigh:
“Ashleigh has helped me with ailments ranging from the common cold to chronic debilitating headaches, which is my most persistent problem. I get them for multiple reasons and they are triggered by different things. Even when I am not totally aware of what caused a particular headache, she masterfully extracts the appropriate information from me so she can give me the right remedy for whichever type of headache I’m having. Almost every time she can give me significant relief if not cure me completely.”

Brittany Harris

Why is homeopathy the best option for fertility treatment?
Homeopathy triggers our own body to do the healing – this means no/minimal side effects, you don’t have to worry about whether the ingredients are safe and you never have to worry that your symptoms will rebound when you discontinue the medicine – because it’s your own body doing the work!
Homeopathy also works where other medicines fail, because of the holistic way we look at disease. Therefore “idiopathic” fertility can easily be addressed with homeopathy; we have more ways of defining and looking at disease that work well, even when modern medicine doesn’t have a good idea what’s going.

Why did you join Ingefleur’s team?
I cannot wait to share homeopathy with more people who are trying to conceive or who are pregnant. Homeopathy offers an incredible gift to people going through these journeys, because it is holistic, safe and incredibly effective. We are often told stories of how we “just can’t” have children, or have to “put up with” pregnancy, but homeopathy offers a way for us to get back to lives – whether TTC or pregnant. I joined this team so that I could help more couples reach these health goals.

What neat homeopathic win did you have recently?
A woman came to me a few weeks ago with pelvic pain, bloating and easy sweating ever since she had her kids 15 years ago! Two weeks on a remedy and she can vacuum without getting soaked and her clothes fit nicely again. Beautiful stuff!

Here’s what other people have said about Brittany:
“So you are amazing. The last two nights I have had significantly less swelling and fewer hives. In the past, nights and mornings have been a 7/10, the last two mornings have been closer to a 3 so that’s amazing. I have also been able to sleep with a blanket [for the first time]. So hooray for that as well!”
“I’ve been to see a lot of people, and you listen really well. I appreciate it; It’s really refreshing”

Carolina Manthei

Why is homeopathy the best option for fertility treatment?
Of course a healthy lifestyle always plays an important part when it comes to good health in general and fertility health in particular, most people would agree. But there are inherited or acquired issues that someone might have to deal with where a healthy lifestyle will not be enough to shift the problem. Here homoeopathy is a fantastic tool as it is gentle but at the same time very deep acting. It can bring positive changes at a level that only healthy living or conventional medicine often can’t reach.

Why did you join Ingefleur’s team?:
It is my vision to help change the world of fertility treatment for the better. Ingefleur has been at the forefront of doing this and I’m honoured and delighted to be working with her and her team!

What neat homeopathic win did you have recently?
My neighbour Danny was over in my house and I saw that both his hands were covered, I mean covered in warts. He was really self conscious and said he’d had them for years and just didn’t know what to do. I gave him Thuja 6c to take one pill a day for ten days. He came back to me after a week and showed me his hands, they were totally smooth, not one wart was left.

Here’s what Carolin has to say about Carolina:
“Carolina is great. She has been my homoeopath for about three years. She treated me for my problems with dry skin, hay fever and exhaustion but especially for terrible tension and pains in my jaw that no doctor, orthodontist nor physiotherapist had been able to help me with. Carolina listens really well, always asks the right questions and since working with her I have no more problems with this. I’m really thrilled.” – Carolin Conrad

Cori Anderberg

Why is homeopathy the best option for fertility treatment?
Homeopathy is a fantastic choice for fertility treatment. A safe, sustainable option that prepares you not only for fertility, but for pregnancy, parenting, and beyond. It takes into account the whole person, and the whole couple, and gives space to understand and sort through what needs support in order to help a couple conceive. The fertility journey can be fraught for some folks. The homeopathic remedies themselves and personalized approach to fertility treatment are so valuable, but also having a homeopath to walk the journey with you provides such a great support person during what can be an overwhelming time.

Why did you join Ingefleur’s team?
I have so enjoyed Ingefleur’s videos over the last few years. I love her lighthearted and straightforward approach to such a weighty topic! As someone with a passion for educating folks on health and wellness, I love the way she unpacks hormones and fertility and makes it something we all can understand so much more clearly.

What neat homeopathic win did you have recently
One of my favourite recent cases is a long-time client. He’s a 19-year-old who has seen me for various issues over the last 5 years. We recently had a 4-week follow-up. I asked him about the warts he’d had on his face and hands. The doctor had burned them off, but they’d come back. So he had come to see me about them. “What? Wait! Hang on!” We both laughed when he admitted he’d totally forgotten that was why we were following up. He hadn’t noticed when they went, but after taking the remedies they’d disappeared somewhere over the previous 4 weeks. He was delighted, and so was I!

Here’s what Samantha has to say about Cori
“I am seeing Cori to help repair my broken ribs and she has been just amazing. Taking into account not just the fractures themselves but also me as a person. I highly, highly recommended her (and she has such a nurturing bedside manner) and her marvelous remedies.” -samantha hamilton-stent


Jennifer Santiago

Why is homeopathy the best option for fertility treatment?
Homeopathy looks at the whole persons health and vitality and helps stimulate the body to heal itself. Often fertility isn’t simply the physical aspects, however it’s a need for balance across the mind and body and homeopathy does that.

Why did you join Ingefleur’s team?
I had the pleasure of being one of Ingefleurs patients while on my conception journey. With her help, I became pregnant naturally in about 6 months after two failed attempts of IVF. I know her methods work from personal experience. She is the reason I started to study homeopathy and now have the opportunity to work side-by-side with her sharing this gift with people. How could I pass that up?!

What neat homeopathic win did you have recently?
My son came home with a swollen arm after falling. I thought he broke it but after x-rays confirmed it was just inflamed from the fall. I gave home some Arnica and ledum 30c in a water bottle because the doctor was worried about cellulitis from the injury. He woke up the next day and his arm was back to normal size and he was feeling great.

Here’s what someone said after Jennifer’s help:
“Hot flashes no more! After 4 years of suffering, I found homeopathy and with a few treatments my hot flashes were gone.”