Homeopathic detox protocols

Detoxing homeopathically isn’t hard. You need to know what you are doing. But it isn’t hard. The only way to do it though, is with a trained homeopath. Or with a dingy protocol you’ve found online that doesn’t help you with trouble shooting when you are getting healing reactions. That’s why I have put together these protocols for you. So you can do it yourself. But safely.

I teach you 2 methods to detox as they each have their advantages but it is up to you which one suits you best.

And yes, of course you can detox your partner and family members too. After all, once you have followed this protocol yourself, you’ll be the expert!

1 detox protocol – €99
2 detox protocols – €129
3 detox protocols – €149

Heavy metals tend to build up in your body when you are exposed to them because your body has difficulty getting rid of them. They build up in organs but also in important hormonal glands like your adrenal glands and thyroid.

Heavy metals make you prone to miscarrying and damage the DNA of sperm and eggs.

Detoxing heavy metals restores thyroid and adrenal health and significantly increases your chances of conceiving and holding on to a pregnancy.

Steroids suppress your immune system and its imprint blocks your hormonal system.

This is even the case long after you have stopped taking them.

Removing that layer gives room for your own healing ability to restore natural hormone balance.

Synthetic hormones leave a lasting imprint on your hormonal system that blocks your natural hormone balance. You can’t fix hormonal problems without removing that imprint.

Contraceptives in particular stop your entire cycle. Restarting that cycle is hard for your body and sometimes impossible.

It is almost like your body doesn’t remember or dare to ovulate.

Detoxing those contraceptives gives your body room and permission to restart it’s natural cycle, ovulate timely, and produce enough estrogen and progesterone at the right time.