Trying to conceive? Detox the contraceptive pill!

My most recent post about Faye detoxing the pill to resolve her PCOS, may have been one of my most popular posts so far. It was shared many times and messages peaked since it was posted. In retrospect that makes sense because getting pregnant after the pill (or depo shots or coil) is not always that easy. Strangely enough I take detoxing the contraceptive pill in my fertility cases so much for granted, it never struck me to write about it… Silly me! Because of COURSE I should be telling you about the number 1 detox I use to restore fertility! So let me catch you up.

getting pregnant after the pill

The most important fertility cleanse: detox the pill

Yes, detoxing the contraceptive pill is the number 1 thing I detox in my clinic as a fertility homeopath. The reason for this is that a lot of women have had a ton of exposure to the synthetic hormones of the contraceptive pill.

Most women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s have used the pill (or coil or depo shots) for a long time. Especially those in their 20s and early 30s often have been on the pill since as young as 15 or 16 because their parents were scared their daughter would come home pregnant, or because their doctor prescribed it for acne or very painful periods.

Add to that the fact that many women today are the daughters of the first women that were on the contraceptive pill and you have an idea of how big the exposure is exactly!

So you see how most women that come to me for fertility treatment, with have had a significant amount of synthetic hormones in their system.. not to mention that they and their husbands are constantly exposed to water that is riddled with synthetic hormones as well (nope, the filter systems doesn’t get those out!).

The pill prevents you from ovulating

Ok, so now you understand how much most women are exposed to synthetic hormones but you want to know why it is so hard sometimes to get pregnant after the pill, right?

For that, we first need to talk about how hormonal birth control works.

Our natural hormone balance is not static, it’s a dance. The hormones fluctuate throughout your cycle so that you can build a lining in your womb for a fertilized egg to nestle and so that you release an egg that can be fertilized in the first place.

By taking the pill, which contains synthetic hormones, that dance stops. Flooding your system with progestin and sometimes estrogen (combination pill) means your pituitary gland is no longer told to produce the hormones:

  • FSH to develop an egg
  • and LH to release the egg

Although synthetic hormones affect your hormone balance in other ways to prevent you from falling pregnant, the main focus is on preventing ovulation.

The (after-)effect of the pill on your fertility.

Now here is the reason why I am constantly detoxing the pill with my patients. You would think that as soon as you stop the pill, your natural hormone balance would return and you would start ovulating regularly again. This however often does not happen.

The immense amount of exposure to synthetic hormones that women have had these days disrupts their hormonal cycle so much, their body just forgets how to ovulate altogether.

Even if a woman does ovulate after use of the pill, the pituitary gland seems to be so out of balance, that:

  • ovulation is either too early or too late
  • the egg doesn’t mature well enough to be fertilized
  • the ovaries produce too little progesterone to hold onto a pregnancy

Homeopathic detox of the pill

And so I detox the pill all the time. Detox may not be the right word because of course your system has gotten rid of the extra hormones. Detoxing the pill is more of a regulating or restoring of balance. It gets the pituitary gland back into action to stimulate the ovaries to develop and release a healthy egg. Detoxing the pill tells your body “it’s ok to be fertile again”.

Time and time again I am amazed by the results of this particular detox:

And of course…. many women that have been trying to conceive without luck, often get pregnant while on the pill detox, or shortly after that! Anastasia, for example, fell pregnant only 2 weeks into the detox!

How long is a detox?

Detoxing the contraceptive pill is different for everyone, sometimes only a 4-week detox is needed if your have been on contraceptives for a short time. The standard is however about 8 weeks. Personally, I have developed a special way of detoxing that is even more thorough.

When I went on maternity leave myself, I wrote an e-book to teach you exactly how I detox my patients, so that you can now do it yourself.

So whether you have been trying for a while, or are just starting out.. if you have a history of using the pill, the depo shot or a hormonal coil, I highly recommend to detox it homeopathically. It is gentle, without side-effects and highly effective to restore your hormone balance, reestablish ovulation, and increase egg quality!

Other hormonal detoxes I often do with patients to restore hormonal balance: