Mother milk: a homeopathic remedy (?!)

Since I have not written any posts so far specifically on homeopathic remedies, I thought it would be fun to share something about a group of remedies I often use in my clinic: the mother milk remedies. I use these remedies especially a lot for nursing mom's and their babies, but the use of these remedies ranges a lot further. Recurring tonsillitis, allergies, skin complaints, and the (emotional) effects of bullying & abuse are just a few conditions that patients have been helped with through the milk remedies. In this blog post: When are milk remedies indicated? Some examples of different milk remedies Two acute milk remedies you can use at home for nursing problems or for glandular inflammations (eg tonsillitis)

My favorite BBT thermometers

So you are ready to start charting but as you tell your fertility savvy friend that you'll just use the good old thermometer in your medicine cabinet, she looks at you with horror. Of cooourse you should not be using that silly thing, you need a “BBT” thermometer. You laugh, hide your confusion, and say “I was just kidding silly”. As soon as she hits the bathroom you grab your phone and search “BBT thermometer” and you find this post.. I'm with you girl! You'll know what to get before she's back!

Releasing her grief made room for a baby.

The last time Lisa conceived was right after being shocked by the news of her brother suddenly passing. As if that was not painful enough, that very pregnancy – which had taken a long time to happen in the first place – turned out to be ectopic. She lost a fallopian tube during the surgery which sent her into early menopause. The hope for another pregnancy seemed lost. Little did she expect that within two months of homeopathic treatment her flushes would go and she would fall pregnant!