5 fertility New Year’s resolutions

Aah... there is something about the clean slate of a new year don't you think? New chances, new goals, new plans, new grace, new faith. Have you decided to start trying to conceive in 2018? Or have you been trying for a while and are you ready for a new start? Well then, grab your favorite list app, your calendar & your filofax, and let's get into these 5 fertility New Year's resolutions!

Miscarriages & an ectopic… but now 38 weeks pregnant! | A Phosphorus case

With a history of three miscarriages and one ectopic pregnancy, Carine was ever so grateful for her toddler. However, she and her husband George so much wanted a sibling for their daughter, and so they came to me on a recommendation of a friend of theirs. A year before she came to me, Carine lost one of her Fallopian tubes because of the ectopic pregnancy, and she never managed to conceive since.

How to support every stage of pregnancy with tissue salts

After the first buzz of the news that you are expecting has gone down a little, the very next project you are likely planning out in your head is "everything-that-is-to-possibly-know-and-possibly-do-to-help-my-baby-be-the-happiest-healthiest-within-my-power". Something like that huh? Well, there is one really easy, safe and inexpensive thing you can do to support your entire pregnancy from conception (even pre-conception if you are trying to conceive) to labor: the pregnancy tissue salt program.

Are you sure you want that ultrasound? | Part 2: Research

Although I expected some reactions when I published Part 1 of of this series, I never imagined I would get as many as I did. Several women shared that they felt confirmed in their suspicions of the (early) scans they had before having missed abortions. In a way they felt relief that maybe it was not their own body that had let them down. Some pregnant women also let me know that they decided to cancel or postpone their ultrasounds after having read the post. For them especially, I will offer alternatives for routine scans in the third post of this series. In today's post I will be sharing the research around ultrasounds as well as the advice I give to my patients.

The glands of the hormone dance (that you can balance with homeopathy)

There are 5 major glands involved in the hormonal cycle so 5 potential weak links when you are menstrual problems or struggle with infertility! Find out which glands I'm talking about in this video. I made this video as a follow-up to my last video on hormone levels. Missed it? Check it out here: "Is your … Continue reading The glands of the hormone dance (that you can balance with homeopathy)