BBT thermometers: comparing Wink & Femometer

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Are you so over temping with a thermometer that doesn’t sync with your phone? Have you been looking into ones that do such as the Femometer and the Wink? Then keep on reading, because I’ve compared them for you!

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BBT Thermometers That Sync with your Phone

As you may already know the Femometer the Kindara Wink are both thermometers that sync with your phone through Bluetooth. That is the dream for every charter, am I right?

The thing about charting is that it can be a little bit tedious for some people. They don’t want to have to set their alarm early in the morning. They don’t want to have to write in what their temperature was or their cervical mucus.

Anything that can make charting easier, I definitely am enthusiastic about!

These two thermometers do just that! All you need to do in the morning is open them up, stick them
in your mouth, wait for the beep or buzz and then it syncs with your phone later on when you enable Bluetooth.

The thing is that they are different price ranges. The Kindara Wink, iss $129 excluding shipping,
and the Femometer is only $49, and that included shipping.

So the question is really, is a syncing thermometer worth the splurge? Or is the cheaper Femometer just as good as the Wink?

To make comparison of the thermometers easier, I have picked five categories:

1. Ease of the use of the thermometer.
2. Ease of syncing with the app.
3. Ease of use of the app
4. Accuracy of predicting your fertility
5. Cuteness of the thermometer. Just because I can 😉

On every category, the thermometers can score five points.

1. Ease of the use of the thermometer.

Honestly, both are super easy to use.

You put it under your tongue (that’s where it’s warmest in your mouth) and you wait for it to buzz or beep.

But there are quite a couple of differences.

For the Wink when you take the temperature, it doesn’t beep but zooms/buzzes. So it’s definitely partner-friendly. It also doesn’t beep when you open it up to use it.

It doesn’t have a big, bright display, but it does show you the temperature. So if you are awake, and you wanna check it out, to see if you’ve already ovulated or you are close to your period & your temperature has dropped, you can. You don’t have to sync it with your phone to see the temperature.

Thanks to the display you can also see when the battery is low and that you need to charge it. You can do this through USB.

Wink is also really quick. Usually, basal body temperature thermometers (BBT thermometer) take a long time because they need to be very accurate. They have two digits behind the decimal point in order to use it for charting. That is why it can take a long time for the temperature to be read. That’s not the case with Kindara Wink at all.

Where did the display go?

Femometer (by the way, how cute is that a “thermometer” for the “female”… “femometer) is quite different. There is no display, so you can’t read anything off it. You really need to sync it with your phone.

Because there is no display, I don’t know how you will see if the battery is low and if you need to replace it. Perhaps it will just continuously beep then? (Nooooooooo!).

It also beeps when the temperature is read and when you open it up and close it, which I think is really annoying.

In comparison to the Wink it takes a long time to take the temperature so it is really similar to any other type of basal body temperature thermometer that is out there on the market.

My score for this category:

Kindara Wink: 5/5
Femometer: 2/5

2. Ease of syncing with the app.

For both of these thermometers, you can download the app through the app stores, whether it’s for your iPhone or your Android.

For both, you need the Bluetooth enabled, and then the temperatures will magically show up in your phone.

With Wink unfortunately very often when I am trying to sync with my phone, it takes forever for the temperatures to show up. Even with my newer Samsung phone (S8). With the previous Samsung phone (S7), I would frequently lose the temperatures completely and would have to pair Wink again. This even happened again recently with the newer phone.

Even with that newer phone though, it can take forever for the temperatures to show up on my chart. I will get the notification alert that there is a new temperature, quickly, but then it takes forever to show up on the graph.

Femometer, I find a lot easier to upload my temperatures to the phone. However, besides Bluetooth, you need to enable your location services, your GPS as well. I don’t understand this because if you use Bluetooth then your phone and your thermometer need to be close to each other. So honestly, I find this a tiny bit creepy.

However, the temperatures do come in a lot quicker than they do with Kindara Wink. Unfortunately, when they come in, your phone just zoom, zoom, zoom, zooms for every temperataure that comes in.

My score for this category:

Kindara Wink: 2/5
Femometer: 4/5

3. Ease of use of the app

Kindara’s app is very beautiful. It’s very clean, clear, and easy to use. I find it quite intuitive. You can add in quite a bit of information, but it’s not overwhelming like I find with a lot of other apps. I would recommend this app to everybody that is starting out with charting and I recommend it to my patients as well.

The only thing I find with the Kindara app is that you cannot leave a lot of extra information apaart from in the journal part which you cannot see in the charts. If you do sign up for the Premium version of that app, you can add check boxes so you can add your own symptoms and then check them.
Kindara is enough though because you can track the basics:

However, if I compare it with other apps, like maybe Fertility Friend or Ovia, I think that there’s a lot more information that you can put in, so that you can recognize your secondary fertile signs.

The app that goes with the Femometer has a lot more opportunities to add stuff like that. However, I think that it’s a little bit cluttered and overwhelming.

The other thing that I find with the app of Femometer is that it took me ages to find out how I could add information for previous days. So I don’t think the app is very intuitive.

It also seems to want to update its software every time I open the app. That is really strange to me. How often can you really roll out new updates?

What I do really like, as I said, is that you can add a lot of info. A really cute feature is that they will put in some snippets about fertility, explaining you more about where you are in your cycle.

The thing that I really dislike about their app is something that should be really great. They have put in is this neat little feature that you can photograph your ovulation test. The window to photograph is however so narrow, that it takes forever to actually find your ovulation test on screen! It is also really difficult to get a clear picture and you cannot upload any tests or even test results from previous days.

So although this is super cute, it’s not functional, and it’s just aggravating.

My score for this category:

Kindara Wink: 4/5
Femometer: 1/5

4. Accuracy of predicting your fertility

There is not a whole lot I can say about this, but I can give you my expert opinion as a fertility homeopath, of course.

When it comes to the Kindara Wink, I think they’re pretty good at predicting when your fertile window is about to open and when your menstruation is due. It does however require for you to have a good hormone balance, and to more or less have a healthy cycle.

Obviously, with my patients, I usually see unhealthy cycles, So in their case, I find that the app is not able at all to predict their fertile window very well.

As far as Femometer… I don’t even know what to say about this. The prediction of your
fertile window is so bad! If you are using the Femometer and their app, absolutely fine, absolutely fine but make sure you know what you’re doing.

Make sure you understand how to chart and how to interpret your chart. (Learn this in my free charting course). The app, however, is not good at all in predicting your fertility (so it is also not reliable if you are trying to avoid falling pregnant!).

My score for this category:

Kindara Wink: 4/5
Femometer: 0/5

5. Cuteness of the thermometer.

If you’re going to chart, it better be fun!

The Femometer, I have is a super cute pink color but you can actually choose from several colors: teal, rose gold, lilac, and pink.

It’s very light and not an obvious thermometer so it looks nice on your night stand.

I think they also spend some effort on the design of Wink because it is quite beautiful. It’s also called Wink because that’s what it does. When you open it up it “winks” at you. I think that’s really sweet. When you’re pairing it with your phone at the first time, it will actually look around. It has these little eyes going in circles, “looking around” for your phone.

So it kind of makes this thermometer like your little buddy,

My score for this category:

Kindara Wink: 5/5
Femometer: 5/5

They are both super cute in their own way!

That brings the total to:

Kindara Wink: 20/5 or an 80%
Femometer: 12/5 or a 48%

Kindara Wink therefore scores really well but Femometer has a “fail” score unfortunately.