6 tissue salts for baby’s development & to prep you for labor.

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When it comes to your baby’s development, you want to do everything that you can right? If that gives you the bonus of getting your body through pregnancy & preparing it for labor in a cheap way as well, then how can you skip on the Pregnancy Tissue Salt program.. am I right?! Of course you want to know what these goodies are for exactly though, and that’s what this post is all about. The six tissue salts for pregnancy helps the baby’s development & to preps you for labor!

six tissue salts for baby development

In a recent post I introduced the Pregnancy Tissue Salt program that any mom-to-be can start on at any time in her pregnancy (although preferably in the beginning!). If you haven’t checked out that post yet, make sure to do so and learn how tissue salts for pregnancy works and to get your free copy of the Pregnancy Tissue Salt program cheat sheet.

Of the 12 tissue salts that exist, 6 form the Pregnancy Tissue Salt program to:

  • Support your baby’s development at every stage,
  • Support your pregnancy,
  • Reduce common pregnancy complaints, and
  • Prepare your body for labor.

So let’s get into these little rock stars!

1. Calcarea Fluorica – bones & implantation

Calc Fluor is for bone development, elasticity of tissue and preventing stretch marks (yay right?!), and helps prepare for the stretching exercise of childbirth.

I also prescribe this to women trying to conceive to support implantation. The best way to take it then is twice daily from ovulation onward, stop when your period starts or move onto the pregnancy program when you have a positive test. If you don’t know when you ovulate(d), learn to chart for free or join Becoming Vital & Fertile, post your chart there and tag me in with your question!

Calc Fluor can also be called Calcarea Fluorata or Calcarea Fluoratum.

2. Magnesium Phosphoricum – nerves

This tissue salt is for nerve development and it prevents heartburn. If you continue to struggle with heartburn despite taking this, there are other homeopathic remedies that I can help you with.

3. Ferrum Phosphoricum – oxygen

Ferrum Phos helps oxygen transport in the blood and helps prevent anemia, inflammation and colds. It is thought that our oxygen levels drop right before we come down with a cold.  That this is why Ferrum Phos will often stop a slow onset cold (has saved me several times!).

4. Natrum Muriaticum – water balance

This is the salt remedy I mentioned in the last post, so as you know this one is all about water balance. It controls fluid and salt balance and so prevents swollen ankles (#cankles!) for example.  It also helps your kidneys do their job and prevent dehydration before you go into labor.

5. Silica – teeth, hair, bones

Silica strengthens teeth bones and hair and prevents stretch marks (yay that’s 2 now!). It is actually therefore also a great “cosmetic” remedy to take 6 weeks in advance of a big event such as a wedding, or just when you feel you skin, hair and nails are looking rough. I often prescribe it to moms after giving birth as well if they have a lot of hair loss because their hormones have changed.

6. Bonus remedy Kalium Phosphoricum – fatigue

If there is a lot of fatigue or nerve strain I may add Kali Phos to the combination. That is especially helpful for when you go into labor to make sure energy is up! It is also said that it helps prevent the baby from being overdue.  In my opinion, with homeopathic treatment throughout the pregnancy baby will come when it’s ready and that is early enough.

Have you got your FREE cheat sheet of the Pregnancy Tissue Salt program yet? If not, head on over to the previous post and get it delivered to your inbox!