Pregnancy tissue salt program: support for baby and you.

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After the first buzz of the news that you are expecting has gone down a little, the very next project you are likely planning out in your head is “everything-that-is-to-possibly-know-and-possibly-do-to-help-my-baby-be-the-happiest-healthiest-within-my-power”. Something like that huh? Well, there is one really easy, safe and inexpensive thing you can do to support your entire pregnancy from conception (even pre-conception if you are trying to conceive) to labor: the pregnancy tissue salt program.

pregnancy tissue salt program

*If you’re in a rush to get the program and want to catch up on reading how they work later, scroll down to receive the tissue salt program cheat sheet straight away*

Using the Tissue Salt Program to Support Baby’s Healthy Formation

Tissues salts (also Schüssler salts, cell salts or biochemical cells salts) are minerals prepared in a homeopathic way. Our bodies are actually built up from these minerals.

In order for our cells to renew and work their very best, we need to take up these salts or minerals from our diet.

A good example of one of these minerals is Calcium. You will likely know that we need Calcium for our bones and teeth.

A less obvious mineral is salt. We need salt in our body for our water balance because too little salt and we can get dehydrated no matter how much we drink, and too much salt and we swell up and hold onto water. Remember that the next time your grab a bag of chips when you’ve already got trouble putting on your boots!

Right, back to the tissue salts. Having a healthy and varied diet that sometimes includes supplements (which I recommend in pregnancy!) is of course necessary to get these minerals. After all, they are the building blocks that our bodies need.

And this is where the tissue salts come in. They aren’t supplements, they aren’t food.

Tissue salts are homeopathic remedies that help us take up those essential minerals from our diets and supplements.

Tissue salts are especially helpful when:

  • our bodies are having difficulty taking up the goodies from our good food (you can be malnourished despite having a good diet if you body is struggling to take up the building blocks!)
  • we are ill and need extra minerals to heal
  • or when we need extra minerals because more is demanded of our bodies than usual such as in stressful periods, or… when we are growing a human being inside!

You can imagine, that in a pregnancy, the baby (and you) will need different minerals at different stages. Calcium would, for example be extra important when the bones are forming. While other minerals will help your body stretch during the pregnancy and prepare you for labor.

A simple pregnancy program of these tissue salts is designed to do just that! All my pregnant patients in fact are on this program as part of their overall treatment. The program is not just for the development of the baby but, as mentioned, also for mom especially in preparing her to give birth.

Of the twelve tissue salts that exist, I use in the pregnancy program. It is important to take these tissue salts in the 6x (if you can only find 12x that is ok) and not in any other potencies such as 30c.

Pregnancy tissue salt program

So, now you want to know when to take what right? Ok, here we go!

For Months:

  •  (1), 2 and 6 Calc Fluor, Mag Phos, Ferrum Phos 6x
  • 3 and 7 Nat Mur, Calc Fluor, Mag Phos 6x
  • 4 and 8 Calc Fluor, Nat Mur, Silica 6x
  • 5 and 9 Calc Fluor, Ferr Phos, Silica 6x

If you are already past your second month you can just start in the program wherever you are with your pregnancy.

Because it can be confusing to translate months to weeks and because a little overview for on your your phone is ever so handy, I made you a cheat sheet for you to download. Just sign up below to get it in your email inbox.


Where to buy tissue salts

These tissue salts can be easily purchased online or most natural health stores. The only tricky bit is that they are then not combined for you so you need to take them individually depending on which month you are. Helios Pharmacy (London, UK, sends all over the world) however is the only one I know that sells the tissue salts as pregnancy combinations (PP1-4). I have added these to the cheat sheet as well.

Helios can also add Kali-Phos to every combination for you on request.

Want to know what all these goodies are for specifically when it comes to your baby and you? Keep reading!