Your fertility & heavy metal toxicity

Unexplained infertility & miscarriages

Heavy metal toxicity can play a big role with my patients that aren’t getting pregnant or aren’t managing to carry a pregnancy full term. Luckily homeopathic heavy metals detoxing is really effective in helping these couples conceive and have healthy babies. So I thought it was time for me to give you the low down on how heavy metals affect fertility and how to know if you may benefit from a heavy metal detox.

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How do heavy metals affect your fertility?

Heavy metals are a big issue for fertility for several reasons. I first noticed heavy metal toxicity played a role with couples that were having recurring miscarriages. Homeopathic treatment was helping them with symptoms, but somehow they wouldn’t conceive or if they did, they would unfortunately miscarry again.

That is, until I would detox the couple – so both man and woman! – from heavy metals homeopathically. In these first cases, usually either partner would have (had) amalgam dental fillings or have a history of smoking.

After detoxing, they would always conceive and receive a healthy happy baby after 9 months.

That’s when I started detoxing more couples that either had metal dental fillings or a history of smoking cigarettes. Even those that had never conceived before. With the same beautiful results.

The biggest culprit with metal dental fillings are the mercury which is known to leak over time. This is why it also doesn’t matter if you still have the fillings or had them removed, the mercury is still likely in your body.

Our bodies have a difficult time in removing it and so to keep us healthy, they stuff it in tissue, organs, glands so that it affects our health in the least way possible. If heavy metals build up in our blood, we will quickly get severely ill and possibly die. So this is a clever way our body keeps us going!

However, when the mercury is hidden in those spots, it still affects our mineral transport, our liver function and our hormonal balance. Not only that, having mercury toxicity, makes your more prone to hold onto other metals such as aluminium, lead, copper, caladium (cigarettes’), and arsenic. All major issues for fertility.

This means that a heavy metals build up in your body affects your fertility in at least 4 ways.

1. Build up of toxicity in hormonal glands

Hormonal glands work less efficiently and so disrupt your hormone balance. Metal toxicity often plays a big role in thyroid issues especially if there is a Hashimoto’s diagnosis.

2. An under-functioning liver

A less than optimal functioning liver means that general toxicity builds up in the body and it also further compromises hormone balance if the liver isn’t in top shape. An unhealthy liver can for example cause estrogen build up leading to estrogen dominance and progesterone deficiency.

3. Disrupted mineral transport

Mineral transport in body is disrupted causing the body to sometimes dump valuable nutrients and deprive cells of their nutrient, including sperm & eggs (which are cells!).

4. Damaged DNA of sperm & eggs

Disrupted mineral transport and the under-functioning of the liver means that the DNA of sperm and eggs (called RNA for sex cells) gets damaged. You can imagine that if DNA is damaged it is first of all very hard for egg and sperm to meet and fuse, and secondly if that happens at all that baby’s development is easily at risk.

I can usually recognize damaged DNA due to metal toxicity in fertility cases when:

    • I see charts with a likely implantation dip and a long luteal phase but then there is a negative pregnancy test or the period starts. This shows that implantation failed.

    • A couple has recurring chemical pregnancies. If it isn’t due to low progesterone, then again this is likely either a matter of failure to implant or failure to develop the embryo into a placenta and baby.

    • A woman has missed abortions (missed miscarriages) in the first trimester. If a baby suddenly stops developing or there isn’t a heart beat, this is typical for metal toxicity. The mother’s body still continues the pregnancy, so the problem isn’t there, it’s in the development of the embryo which is typical for metal toxicity. This can sometimes also have to do with early scans, check out the article series on that topic as well.

This being said, not just couples with miscarriages suffer with metal toxicity. I now also see this playing a huge role for couples that do not appear to conceive at all as well (unexplained infertility).

This is especially an issue for couples in their late 30s or early 40s because egg and sperm quality may already be lower. If there is also metal toxicity, even if it is minor, this will add more baggage to an already taxed system. This results in:

  • Egg and sperm not fusing at all

  • An embryo not managing to implant

  • An embryo not managing to develop into a baby and placenta

In the first tow cases, the pregnancies aren’t usually picked up on at all. In the last case women may get positive pregnancies tests frequently, that are negative again within several days. This is also known as the – in my opinion very poorly picked phrase – chemical pregnancies.

How a homeopathic heavy metal detox works

There is good news though! I have found that couples that need it, when they do a heavy metal detox they are able to conceive within several months and go on to have a healthy happy baby!

Not only that, they notice a lot of symptoms go away that they never thought were connected to heavy metals. For example:

  • Heavy metals bring your body into an inflammatory state, so overall women have better (lower) follicular phase temperatures.

  • Sleeping better and not waking at 3 am (liver time) any more

  • Getting rid of restless legs

  • Getting less frequent colds, namely sinusitis

Can you test for metal toxicity?

As said earlier, if heavy metals raise in your blood, you will likely be so ill that you are admitted to the hospital quickly. A blood test is therefore not useful for heavy metal toxicity to test if it may be impacting your health and fertility.

For this it is recommended to do a hair mineral test. If you do one though, you need to make sure you have someone that is able to recognize if there is mineral transport imbalance. It is possible to have metal toxicity without it showing up in your hair because the metals are stuffed in your tissues!

With couples that I did a hair mineral test and had heavy metal toxicity I would have 2 scenarios:

1. No metals in the hair but disrupted mineral transport

We would do a heavy metal detox, and suddenly a lot of metals would show up in the hair. This shows the body was pulling them out of the organs/hormone glands and pushing out. A repeat of the test a few months later would show lower or even no metals in hair and restored mineral transport.

2. Metals in the hair but no disrupted mineral transport.

This is a milder form of toxicity in my opinion because body hasn’t stuffed the metals in the organs and glands. There is still toxicity though, otherwise it wouldn’t show up in the hair.

Now I rarely do a hair test with couples anymore unless they want a confirmation of the toxicity based on their symptoms or if they are keen to know their number pre and post detoxing. I now usually only go by a couples case history & symptoms as that tells me there is most likely heavy metal toxicity on it’s own already.

Recognizing metal toxicity in your case

Now the question for you is whether you may be struggling with metal toxicity, right? Well as mentioned, I would say that if at least one of the following 3 factors apply to you, then yes, most likely you are:

  1. If you have had recurring miscarriages
  2. You have dental fillings (current or past)
  3. If sperm tests have shown low sperm count or quality (However if you have good results that doesn’t mean you have no metal toxicity)

Some other factors that suggest you likely need to detox metals are if you:

  • have worked with heavy metals like dentists do or glass blowers or some painters

  • have smoked in the past or are currently smoking

  • have had (a lot of) (travel)vaccines

  • live in the city (water + pollution)

  • are nearing or past 40 and have been been trying to conceive for a while without luck

Physical symptoms indicating metal toxicity

There are also some physical symptoms that indicate you may have metal toxicity:

  • Thyroid issues and/or Hashimoto’s diagnosis

  • Frequent colds/ ulcers / abscesses / tooth abscesses

  • High temperatures in the follicular phase (not because of FSH in blood test high)

  • Restless legs

  • Perspiration or urine smelling like metals

  • Waking at 3am (liver time)

  • Feeling sick after eating food cooked in aluminium

Families prone to metal toxicity

Then there are also families that are more prone to having metal toxicity! So I check with patients if any of the following run in their families too:

  • Parkinson’s

  • Restless legs

  • Alzheimer’s

  • Autism

  • ADHD

  • Depression

  • Addictions

  • Lyme’s disease

  • MTHFR gene mutation

Can you detox metals when you still have your fillings?

Yes you can, but chances are you will need to repeat it at least yearly because the fillings will continue to leak into your system. Of course ideally you wouldn’t have the fillings at all but hey, we don’t actually live in an ideal world! I have had couples conceive when they still had their fillings. It’s all about reducing the toxic load as much as you can.

Why you should detox metals together.

If one is doing the detox, I always have the other one do it as well. First of all, a lot of us have some sort of metal load anyway and when it comes to fertility you want to lower the collective load as much as possible!

Secondly, I want couples to make good use of the time. When you are detoxing metals, you should not continue to try to conceive. During a detox, the body extracts metals from the tissues and dumps it into hair, stool, sweat, urine, and menstruation. However, if an embryo is formed, there is always the possibility that the body will put the metals there. The last spot we’d like them to be!

How you can start detoxing yourself

Generally metal detoxes with for example supplements are quite rough on the body – although effective! – while homeopathic detoxes are a lot more gentle. You can find supplement regimes in books or online or do them with practitioners if you like.

Detoxing heavy metals is often part of the fertility treatment that I provide but I also teach how to detox heavy metals homeopathically yourself on my program the Fertility Reclaim.

While I always encourage couples to keep trying to conceive while on treatment, the metal detox is the only period I will ask to abstain. But 8 weeks is manageable right? Especially, if it means you fall pregnant straight after that like Miriam and Joe did!