My 5 recommendations for menstrual pain

Are you suffering every month with period pain? Time to take charge! Watch my latest video with 5 recommendations for period pain including the go-to homeopathic remedy I often prescribe and use myself!

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1. Eliminate
I know it is a bummer, but cutting some foods can greatly reduce menstrual pains!

Sugar: although this is often something you may crave during your period, this is one of the worst things you could eat! The same applies to carbohydrates which are a form of sugar. Sugar triggers the release of insulin which raises the level of prostaglandins which are inflammatory chemicals. Make sure you look for delicious and nutritious alternatives and stock up before your have you period because only denying yourself what you may crave is setting the stage for discouragement. It may be worthwhile to speak to a nutritionist who can give tailored advice and make fun suggestions.

Dairy: dairy promotes inflammation as well and therefore eliminating that alone often reduces menstrual pains already. Christiane Norhrup suggests switching to organic dairy as many of her patients improved just as much on that as when they quit dairy completely. Soy based products and almond milk can be great alternatives for dairy too.

Stimulants: these are especially important to cut if you suffer with migraines. Stimulants trigger the adrenal glands to release adrenaline which is associated with migraines. Stimulants include: chocolate, sugar, orange juice, coffee, tea, alcohol and tobacco. You may enjoy your new diet once you eliminate or reduce all the above but if you don’t, it is not said that you need to stay on it for life. Once you start feeling better you can slowly reintroduce the things you love most and you will soon enough notice if you react badly to them, and if you do it will be a lot easier to leave them to the side!

2. Supplements
It is good to take at least a multi-vitamin, however there are other supplements that are relevant when you suffer with menstrual pain.

Magnesium: Magnesium relaxes smooth muscle tissue and calms the nervous system. You can take 100mg of Magnesium up to every 2 hours during menstruation and 3 times a day during the rest of your cycle. An additional great way of getting magnesium in is with magnesium sprays that you can apply on your skin before bedtime or by taking Epsom salt baths especially when you are having period pains.

Essential Fatty Acids: these are important for everyone to take but they have also shown to reduce menstrual cramps. Supplement with this daily alongside your multi-vitamin. Research showed improvement in menstrual cramps within 2 months of dailyq intake of 1080 mg EPA and 720 mg of DHA.

3. Track your cycle
A great way to understand your cycle better is by tracking it. At different times of your cycle you produce different hormones that will influence how you feel, sleep and what you are up for and what not (eg meeting friends vs curled up on the couch). As you can see, charting your cycle is not just for women trying to conceive. Not sure where to start? Sign up for my free Basics to Fertility Charting Course!

4.  Hot water bottle
If you haven’t experimented with this yet then start! Putting a hot water bottle on your back or abdomen when having cramps this can relieve the pain because heat switches off pain receptors. The same works with cold packs on your eyes or forehead if you have headaches.

5. Magnesium Phosphoricum
Last but not least, make sure to get the homeopathic remedy Magnesium Phosphoricum in the potency 200c (available from every homeopathic pharmacy but also often available online). Don’t go for a lower or a higher potency as that likely won’t do the trick.

When you are in pain, put a pill in a bottle of water and sip at 10 minute intervals until the pain reduces, then stop. When the pain returns, start again and reduce as you feel better. 9 out of 10 of my patients feel better with this remedy. If you fall into that 10% category, make sure to book an appointment with me because you can definitely get better with remedies but you may need one of the other many remedies available!

If menstrual pain is a recurring problem for you, homeopathy can sort that out by addressing the root cause of your pain. Please know that it is not true that periods are supposed to hurt! They are supposed to be a time of cleansing and they are supposed to benefit you, not cripple you. Think that homeopathy can’t help you? Challenge me! I have yet to meet a patient suffering with period pain that does not improve on homeopathic treatment!