The “down-there” infections that reduce your fertility.

Most women will suffer with “down-there” symptoms at one point or another in their lives. However, if you have recurring thrush or bacterial vaginosis (BV), that forms a serious obstacle in your fertility. Antibiotics & anti-fungals tend to give only temporary relief, plus you want to avoid those when trying to conceive. Luckily homeopathic remedies are here to save the day as they are completely safe to use and the right ones will resolve your symptoms for good and restore your fertility.

In this post:

  • Thrush or Bacterial Vaginosis?
  • How thrush affects your fertility
  • Why anti-fungals & antibiotics don’t help in the long run
  • How to sort vaginal infections for good


Thrush is often called a fungal infection but that makes it sound way worse than it is. The culprit involved is called Candida but the truth is that everybody has this fungus. The problem with thrush is, that this fungus has overgrown and is taking over the scene! The key to treating thrush is therefore not killing all the Candida but to restoring balance.

Thrush or Bacterial Vaginosis?

I’ve heard too many times that women were prescribed anti-fungals over and over because they were getting a creamy discharge every month. Newsflash! This may actually be healthy cervical mucus (Read: All you need to know about cervical mucus). However thrush symptoms include:

  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Redness
  • Cracked skin & bleeding
  • Discharge that smells like yeast
  • Continuous discharge that is cloudy, yellow, and/or like cottage cheese

If you have discharge that smells fishy that indicates Bacterial Vaginosis (BV).

How thrush affects your fertility

In order to fall pregnant, the cervical mucus you produce around ovulation needs to be favorable to sperm. It needs to be thin enough for the sperm to get through easily and needs to contain the right nutrients to nourish the sperm. An overgrowth of Candida though, makes the cervical mucus tacky and hard to get through and lacks nutrients.

It can also cause build up of thick mucus in the fallopian tubes making it difficult for the egg to travel down and get fertilized.

Untreated Candida overgrowth disturbs the balance between good and bad bacteria too. It leads to overgrowth of bad bacteria in the vagina (Bacterial Vaginosis) which can move up to cause urinary tract infections including cystitis and kidney infections. These infections further reduce fertility.

Sorting thrush is absolutely essential when trying to conceive. Homeopathic treatment can do that.

Why anti-fungals & antibiotics don’t help in the long run

Antifungals for thrush may initially also solve your symptoms. However, if the environment is too favorable for Candida, it will just come back. Not only that, Candida is capable of becoming resistant to the anti-fungals meaning every time you use it, it will be harder to get rid off the overgrowth.

If you have any of the urinary infections or BV, it makes sense to use antibiotics right? Well.. the thing is, antibiotics do not just kill the bad bacteria, they kill all the bacteria.

That may mean yes that initially you are relieved of your symptoms. However, clearing the ground means there is room for new bacteria to grow and if the environment is not favorable for good bacteria, that means the baddies will come back with their friends and you’re worse off than before.

How to sort thrush for good

There are a few practical measures you can take to reduce Candida overgrowth (Read about treatment of BV):

  1. Eat products with lactic acid (eg Molkosan by Vogel) or take Saccharomyces Boullardii, a friendly yeast that crowds out Candida
  2. Reduce sugar intake including carbs & alcohol. Candida feeds on sugar
  3. Avoid washing with soap which changes the pH of the vagina to favor Candida growth. Wash with water after sex as sperm & fertility friendly lubricants affect pH as well
  4. Avoid tight fitting clothes & wear cotton underwear
  5. Finally and most importantly get homeopathic treatment if you:
  • Want to sort your symptoms quickly
  • Have a history of thrush and/or urinary infections
  • Want to boost your fertility

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