Basics to Fertility Charting Course FREE

My number 1 fertility tip for couples trying to conceive naturally, is for them to start charting her cycle. You see, every woman’s cycle is different and it varies when you are most fertile. Even from month to month! If you are trying to conceive naturally you need to learn what your fertile pattern is. That’s why I wrote this charting course!

The Fertility Reclaim €550

The Fertility Reclaim is a program that helps you get to the root of why you aren’t getting pregnant or not carrying your pregnancies full term. It gives you the natural solutions, including homeopathic detoxing of synthetic hormones & heavy metals, for your particular fertility hurdle(s).

Chart interpretation course €45-€180

Do you suspect your charts show a hormonal imbalance that may be keeping you from falling pregnant but you don't know which imbalance it is or how to pinpoint it? This course teaches you to recognize chart signs and patterns to identify what may be going on.

Homeopathic Detox Protocols €99-€145

Have you ever wondered if having used the contraceptive pill for years has an impact on your fertility today? Or what the effects are of living in the city on your husbands sperm quality or count? Or why your cycles have become irregular since using fertility drugs? It’s time to remove the baggage from your system and restore your fertility.

Pregnancy Tissue Salt Program FREE

There is one really easy, safe and inexpensive thing you can do to support your entire pregnancy from conception (even pre-conception if you are trying to conceive) to labor: the pregnancy tissue salt program.

Homeopathic Childbirth Guide €29

Whether your birth plan is all about a home birth with music and candles, or in the hospital with an epidural at the snap of your finger... you are going to want to have your homeopathic remedies with you and want to know how to use them!