Sorting my own adrenal fatigue & fertility

They thought I had juvenile arthritis when I was a teenager. By the time I was 24 years old I could only walk short distances with a zimmerframe, was on morphine type painkillers and immune-suppressants. Now, at 30 years old, I have a clinic and work every day, run with my dog and wear heels whenever I want. Oh, and I don’t automatically wake up with a fever if I had a “late” night. Homeopathy changed my health and my future by sorting my real problem: adrenal fatigue. I had however not realised how that would affect my fertility positively too.


I don’t think I have ever had a patient that came to me with hormone issues that I did not put on some sort of adrenal gland treatment. Pretty much everyone with hormone issues seems to have adrenal burnout symptoms these days which is a big problem because the adrenals play a major part in the whole hormonal system (check out my video on How Joy Improves Your Cycle where I explain this).
Some people are so “lucky” that they have gotten the diagnosis of adrenal fatigue already while others have never heard of it till they sit with me in consultation. Sometimes only temporary adrenal gland support is needed in the form of supplements, herbal tinctures, or remedies. In other cases, the adrenal glands seem to be pretty shot and we need to pull out the big homeopathic guns.

The ironic thing is that I have been going on and on about adrenal issues for ages with my patients and have been treating those issues for just as long, while never making the connection with my own condition. Homeopath heal thyself!!!

Until this past year that is. While the doctors had difficulty finding out what exactly it was that had been making me sick since I was 11, I did get a wonderful homeopath when I was studying in London. He helped raise my vitality and gave me remedies to sort out the emotional causes behind me being ill. During 3 years of treatment with that homeopath, I improved about 70%! I stopped all medication, the low grade fevers reduced, the migraines reduced, and I was able to start a hectic job at a homeopathic pharmacy 2 days a week that involved me standing all day.

Nevertheless, I was still struggling with anaphylactic shocks every now and then, and I had to recover several days after working at the pharmacy and still easily got sick. Not to mention, my core temperature was pretty much always a lot lower than 36.5 C (97.8 F) and I always felt tired and unwell and had episodes of low blood pressure and fainting. Finally one morning this past year I sat down with my own case and realized all of my problems sounded A LOT like adrenal fatigue and so I decided to treat myself as I would any other patient. My family would agree that I have gained another 15% of my health over this past year which is show cased in the fact that I haven’t had an anaphylactic shock at all!

What fascinated me the most as a fertility homeopath, was the change in my cycles. Where I never seemed to get regular basal temperatures, they are now a lot more consistent regardless of what I have been doing the day before, and I just love the post-ovulation spike that I can witness now! My cycles are also not as long as they used to be and the fatigue and pain I used to have before my period are now reduced to maybe a day before and I only feel a little “off”. Also my pre-menstrual migraines are absolutely gone.

Still working on getting to 100% better, I had a brain wave this past month. In many stuck hormonal and fertility cases, I had been detoxing past use of steroids with great success. Steroids are prescribed to stop the immune system from reacting and are in the body normally produced by the adrenal glands. In the hormonal, adrenal fatigue, and/or auto-immune cases I get, I therefore always check for use of steroids in the medical history and pretty much always need to detox these at some point. In the cases that I did this, there were permanent cures in labor like menstrual pains, irregular cycles, and hot flushes, but also in recurring fevers, recurring colds and infections, and skin issues.

So one morning this past month – while still in half slumber sleep – I was thinking of one of those cases when I suddenly remembered having had a major steroid injection in my knee myself when I was 9 years old. My migraines had started shortly after that and joint problems followed too. How I could have missed this important fact in my timeline that had been so excruciatingly painful and traumatic!

Anyway, I have therefore now put myself on a steroid detox and am already getting some nice detox symptoms through my skin, but the most remarkable might be the feeling that an emotional and mental block has been removed. Interesting right? Steroid history in cases cause a block, and for me detoxing an emotional and mental block was lifted! Yes, I still feel fatigue similar to that of a month ago, but for the first time in 20 years I am not worried about making plans because I am scared I won’t have the energy for it. I am just doing things and enjoying them. Rather, I need to set my alarm in the evening now to make sure I go to bed in time or I will still be behind my computer 12.30 am writing up blogposts…..!

Will keep you in the loop 🙂

Update September 14, 2016: I twisted and injured my left knee shortly after finishing the detox. This is the knee that I had the cortisone injection in! Although it is a mechanical injury, we call this a “return of old symptoms” in homeopathy, which is always an excellent indication of healing and the right “direction of cure”. Read more about how I injured my knee this time, and how I am treating it.

Update March 2018: I am still going strong and working full time with my very busy clinic! I got married to Jeroen this past January (we knew each other for 16 years before we starting dating.. go figure!) and being fit has become even more important to be a happy and loving wife. My fertility is definitely still much better and even if I don’t ovulate one month or have lower temps because I have dipped health wise, the next month I am always back on track. This gives great hope for the future should we decide to start trying for a family (and yes, charting is the only thing we use as birth control!).

Update March 2019: We are expecting a baby this summer! Want to see my pregnancy announcement and follow along?