“Viburnum prevented two of my miscarriages.”

It’s one thing dealing with infertility and not falling pregnant at all, it is a whole other cross to bear when you have repeated miscarriages. While orthodox medicine has limited tools to deal with repeated miscarriages, homeopathy has a whole realm! A while back I shared how Mary after repeated miscarriages finally was able to carry full term on homeopathic remedies and is now mothering her child. In this post I am sharing how Sally’s last two pregnancies were saved by the remedy Viburnum Opulus after having grieved multiple miscarriages.

Miscarriages is recurring topic in our Facebook group Becoming Vital & Fertile (this group is now closed, but you are welcome to join me over at Patreon). That’s how I learned about Sally’s fertility history. We had been friends and colleagues for over a year and I had never heard her story!

I used to miscarry repeatedly. For me, it was a problem that I had from the start. It was described as an ‘irritable uterus’. I don’t have an especial family history of miscarriage, though I know my mum had maybe two miscarriages before she went on to have 4 children without trouble. My trouble generally started at about 13 weeks and so I lost 5 out of 9 of my pregnancies. Until I found the homeopathic remedy Viburnum Opulus.

The ‘right’ homeopathic remedy is chosen based on the individual’s symptoms. That means Viburnum isn’t the right remedy in all cases of miscarriage, but it is in similar cases as Sally’s. You know that you might need to have Viburnum in your medicine cabinet if:

  • You have a history of miscarriages caused by sudden cramping (Viburnum is Cramp Bark!)


  • You have a history of violent menstrual cramps

AND the cramps are one or more of the following:

  • Mainly left sided
  • Go down the legs
  • Are accompanied by severe back pain

Taking Viburnum 200c as soon as the cramps start, can then subside the contractions and avert a spontaneous abortion. 

Sally: “The last two daughters stayed put after I stopped my contractions with Viburnum 200c. I found it because it is used herbally for this purpose. I then found the homeopathically acting ones & checked out if it matched my symptoms.

Viburnum is just one of the many remedies that can make a difference in a threatening miscarriage! A similar looking remedy is Caulophyllum. While these remedies can be life saving, as a homeopath I first look to resolve the tendency to miscarry. I find in cases of repeated miscarriages we need to address one or several of the following:

  • Low progesterone (characterized by a short cycle and/or short luteal fase)
  • An inherited tendency to miscarry
  • Detoxing of contraceptives and sometimes fertility drugs that have caused long term hormonal imbalance
  • Emotional and/or physical trauma such as traumatic births
  • Auto-immune problems leading to the body rejecting the pregnancies
  • Low egg quality leading to implantation problems and/or chromosomal abnormalities
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Chronic slumbering yeast infections

In other words, with a history of miscarrying it is always important to look at the cause of this. This can all be figured out and addressed with homeopathy.

One last word from Sally: “I was very lucky with my husband and friends & colleagues. It’s really tough miscarrying but I was aware it’s not uncommon & I never took the pregnancies for granted. I had a higher than normal rate of miscarriage. It always seemed to me amazing that the whole process worked as well as it sometimes did. What has to happen and what has to be in place is quite complex & rather miraculous! I was sad, but often I accepted that this time something wasn’t quite right with the baby. The worst thing for me was generally involvement I had with health services. Essential sometimes & well handled sometimes, but frequently not done with sensitivity. And on one occasion with outright cruelty & no energy during bereavement to make a complaint. Then I found homeopathy & my problems were resolved.

Thank you Sally for sharing your story to encourage other women and give them hope.