40 year old with early menopause symptoms gets regular cycle back

Joanna didn’t even come to me with her menopause symptoms, she came for a completely different complaint. In fact, she had pretty much accepted that her fertile days were over. Not having had a proper flow in a long time, she did not expect much from treatment, but after a few months she got her regular menstrual cycle back!

Having accepted that she would pass through menopause early because her mom had done so, she didn’t even consider bringing it up in the consultation until I asked about it. I always ask about periods with my female patients because a woman’s hormonal system is very delicate and any imbalance there can account for a range of seemingly unrelated symptoms. In my experience, an imbalanced menstrual cycle therefore always needs to be addressed in treatment to begin with or alongside treatment of the main complaint(s). If the menstrual cycle ain’t happy, ain’t none of the woman’s body happy!

So back to this lovely patient. When she came to me her cycle was – so to say – a mess:

  • Cycles varied between 14 and 60 days
  • Flow of only 1 day
  • Flow with brownish blood
  • Emotional, felt like crying all the time and dreaded meeting up with people
  • Hot flushes

I prescribed Folliculinum 12c daily, a remedy that supports the ovaries as she was likely not ovulating. If the ovaries do a good job at producing a healthy egg in time, they will produce progesterone post-ovulation. If conception does not take place, the ovaries are no longer told to continue to produce it and so progesterone drops and the flow starts. Therefore, in any hormonal case, supporting the ovaries can get things moving again.

We spoke again after a month, and in the mean time she had a proper flow! The flow was bright red without clots and lasted for 5 days. She felt a lot calmer, described her state beautifully as “being in a little boat on a calm wave”. The hot flushes and night sweats had reduced as well. Getting the flow started however, revealed her long term past enemy: menstrual cramps that were so bad she needed pain medication. Interestingly this is very common in homeopathy; old symptoms show their nasty face sometimes for a short time only to leave you afterwards forever. This return of old symptoms is always considered a great sign of the body healing.

Treatment was continued with ovarian support as well as with anterior pituitary gland support, and adrenal gland support (all important organs in the hormonal system!). We also looked together at her emotional health and how it interacted with her menstrual cycles. Of course we had to sort the menstrual cramps quickly which we did with Pulsatilla 200c. Her cycles continued to even out going from 52 days to 44 days and she has now had several cycles of 28 days and ovulates!

She no longer believes she has to go through early menopause like her mom did.

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