DIY natural pessaries | Home treatment for yeast & urinary infections

Making your own natural pessaries is convenient and inexpensive. The pessaries are soothing, promote healing & kick bacteria & candida to the curb if you are suffering with yeast infections (thrush), bacterial vaginosis (BV), and urinary tract infections.

These pessaries are fantastic to help reduce itching and to heal the skin if it feels raw and sore. When you are suffering with a UTI (urinary tract infection) or cystitis, these pessaries will help your body fight off the bacteria and candida (yeast, fungus) that disrupted the microbial balance down there in the first place. They are great to use also as a preventative of yeast and urinary infections especially after having sex (unless you are trying to conceive).

These pessaries may solve your issue(s) completely but I consider them as an add-on to other measure you take to resolve the infections inside out too:

  • Increase water intake
  • Cut sugar & alcohol. Reduce carbs & coffee.
  • Take probiotics and friendly yeasts such as Saccharomyces Boulardii internally, as well as lactic acid products
  • Use homeopathic remedies
  • Read more in this post!

Watch the video for the tutorial (and a bonus tutorial on how to make your own clear labels!) or scroll down for the quick instructions!

Instructions for your DIY natural pessaries:

1. Warm up coconut oil au bain-marie if it is solid

2. Mix in a few drops of essential oils if you are not pregnant or trying to conceive. Suggested oils: lavender, tea tree, rose, myrrh, garlic, oregano, lemon grass, cinnamon, clove.

3. Add in a capsule of probiotics such as Lactobacillus or a friendly yeast like Saccharomyces Boulardii.

4. Put the mixture in a ice cube tray and freeze. (You can also buy reusable pessary or suppository molds instead)

5. Remove the cubes and cut in two with  a knife that you have run under hot water (makes it easier). Use a see-saw motion to prevent the cubes from crumbling.

diy pessaries

6. Put the pessaries in a clean jar and store in the fridge. If you are up for the finishing touch, download and print the pretty labels for your natural pessaries. A great tutorial for these was done by Do It On A Dime.

7. Insert a pessary in your vagina as high up as possible before you go to sleep and keep it in overnight. Make sure you protect your underwear with a pantyliner. Repeat for as many nights as you need to and after that once a week for maintenance, and/or after sex.

Update 19/7/2018: I now use 2/3 coconut oil and 1/3 cocoa butter. Coco butter is a lot harder and takes longer to melt which makes these pessaries much easier to use and gives you some time between putting them in and getting to bed! I also found the ideal ice cube tray that makes small round ice cubes.

coco butter diy pessaries