Releasing her grief made room for a baby.

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The last time Lisa conceived was right after being shocked by the news of her brother suddenly passing. As if that was not painful enough, that very pregnancy – which had taken a long time to happen in the first place – turned out to be ectopic. She lost a fallopian tube during the surgery which sent her into early menopause. The hope for another pregnancy seemed lost. Little did she expect that within two months of homeopathic treatment her flushes would go and she would fall pregnant with a little girl!

Meeting her at the first consultation, I would have never thought that she was carrying a huge backpack of grief. Lisa was so perky and up-beat. All she told me was that a surgery to remove an ectopic pregnancy had crashed her into early menopause with:

  • short menstrual cycles
  • insomnia
  • fatigue
  • hot flushes
  • night sweats
  • … the whole shabam.

Also her recurring migraines had since gotten a lot worse. Getting pregnant at all had taken years, and now a pregnancy seemed even more unlikely.

Studying her case, I knew she needed Natrum Muriaticum. This remedy is one of the major grief remedies, particularly for what the books call “silent grief”. Patients that need this remedy work hard at preventing a break down. I respect that survival mechanism and tend to not poke around their emotions until they are ready.

Patients that need Natrum Muriaticum work hard at preventing an emotional break down.

So although I assumed that Lisa may have some unresolved grief over the pregnancy, I decided to not ask her about it until I had prescribed her some Natrum Muriaticum. That way the remedy could help her access & process her grief a bit more before we would talk about it at her follow-up.

A month later her physical symptoms had improved immensely!

There has been an amazing difference”, she said, “I feel energized and it does not take me hours to fall asleep now. I don’t have a general feeling of malaise anymore and the headaches and flushes have improved a lot”.

When I shared that the remedy she had taken is a known grief remedy, she burst into tears. In between sobs she told me how the ectopic had happened right after her brother had suddenly passed away and that she had been the one keeping the family together.

I don’t think I ever took the time to grieve his death“, she said, “I had always thought that the ectopic was a result of all the stress and grief, but now I am sure of it”.

I had always thought that the ectopic was a result of all the stress and grief, but now I am sure of it”.

As a follow up remedy, I prescribed her Ignatia which is also a grief remedy but more for exposed grief. A few days later she wrote me that her sadness had lifted a lot and… that she had a positive pregnancy test!

Throughout the pregnancy we continued treatment for her grieving process, as well as morning sickness & back aches.

Lisa carried her baby full term and had a quick and unmedicated labor. Today she is a happy momma of her rainbow* baby girl who she will one day tell about the wonderful uncle she never knew.

If you have trouble conceiving and you suspect this has something to do with unresolved grief, homeopathic treatment could give you the breakthrough you’ve been looking for. There are many grief remedies and although Ignatia or Natrum Muriaticum may be just what you need, your case may require a different one. I would love to find it for you.

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*A rainbow baby is in the fertility communities known as a baby born after having suffered a loss.