The 5+1 baby remedies every mom needs

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As a mom (to be) you want to make sure you’ve got your basics covered when it comes to homeopathic remedies for you little one(s)! Getting a basic remedy kit can be a good way to start, but there are 5 essential ones you will want to stock up on. So in this post, those 5 remedies, plus a bonus one for momma herself!

homeopathic baby remedies

1. Arnica

For any bumps and bruises. Great trauma remedy so it also will help your child calm down when having made a fall. Surely a remedy to keep in your handbag alongside Arnica cream or gel!

2. Belladonna

Number one remedy for fever. Give your baby this remedy before you reach for the Calpol or paracetamol and chances are you won’t need it at all. Useful remedy also in ear aches if the child is very hot, has a flushed face and is in a bad mood.

3. Calcarea Carbonica

Good remedy for most babies when they have a very stuffy cold and are otherwise quite happy. Can be useful in constipation and is the second remedy you would consider for teething especially if teeth are coming through very slowly.

4. Chamomilla

Your best friend in teething. First remedy to think of, especially if teething is accompanied by diarrhoea and if your child is very fussy and upset with the teething.

5. Pulsatilla

Probably your number one remedy for colds in babies and toddlers. Often there is yellow/green discharge from the nose and the child is more clingy or tearful than usual. If the latter is the case this is your remedy also in case of a fever. Colds that go into the lungs and that are worse at night with runny nasal discharge during the day are also great indications for this remedy. Can be useful to alternate with Chamomilla in ear aches that are not clearly Belladonna or if Belladonna does not relieve.

Bonus remedy for momma: Cocculus Indica

This has saved many mothers for sure. If you have been having bad nights and you wake exhausted, feeling a bit dizzy or sick during the day (like a jetlag), or nursing leaves you drained, Cocculus is your friend!

The remedies above are very useful in acute self-limiting diseases. Please remember however that if you notice that the remedy is not working or needs to be repeated frequently, another remedy may be indicated and it would be worthwhile to book in a consultation.

The remedies mentioned will be part of most basic homeopathic home kits for example from Helios (Childbirth kit, Basic 36 or Basic 18 kit) or Ainsworths (Mother and Child or the Essential Kit). If however you don’t have a basic kit and you want to start building your home pharmacy, then definitely get these 6 remedies with special mention of Arnica to also have in your purse, ladies! All remedies are suitable in any potency between 6c and 30c (the latter is the most common in the UK).

However, in cases of fever or fabulous teething you might like to have a 200c as this potency matches the intensity of these complaints better. In some European countries D potencies are more common and these are all fine too, but again in fever or teething I would likely recommend a 200c (200CH or 200K is basically the same).