Fertility charts pre- and post-homeopathy: The proof is in the pudding.

My dad is an engineer… and he sure has passed his genes on to me! I like to measure measure measure. So although of course I love it when patients come back to me with symptoms improved, I really get excited when I see their hormone levels are improving by checking out their charts! Now I want to share a couple of those charts from my collection with you.

In this post I am sharing some charts of patients pre- and post-homeopathic treatment. The patients that came to me had the following issues:

  • Anovulatory cycles
  • Early ovulation
  • Late ovulation
  • Short luteal phase
  • Erratic temperatures due to adrenal stress

Anovulatory cycles

This patient would not get any positive ovulation tests but would get patches of cervical mucus without temperature spike that would be sustained. After 2 months of homeopathy, although it wasn’t till late in her cycle, she finally ovulated!

Anovulatory cycles

Too early ovulation

Here is a patient that would ovulate quite early in her cycle, sometimes already on day 11. The chart below shows ovulation on CD 12 before homeopathy, and on CD 14 on homeopathy.

Too early ovulation

Too late ovulation

This patient had the opposite problem: she would have trouble ovulating earlier on. Cycle days 20 or 25 were not abnormal for her. Can you imagine our excitement when she ovulated after her first patch of egg white cervical mucus around CD 16 (unfortunately she did not temp regularly so we can’t be sure!)!

Too late ovulation


Short luteal phase

A short luteal phase is also very common. It is a sign of low progesterone and women that come to me with a history of early miscarriages almost always have this issue. This lady did really amazing and after one prescription had her luteal phase increase from 8 to 11 days. The next month she was pregnant! Read another patient’s case that had a luteal phase going from 5 to 12 days.

Short luteal phase
Erratic temperatures due to adrenal fatigue

This patient took some time to get better but she did! Due to adrenal fatigue her temperature were very erratic. On homeopathic treatment her charts improved with calmer temperatures. Eventually she would have CD 14 ovulation with a good temperature spike that would be sustained.

Erratic temperatures
If you chart and you notice that you have any of the problems above, I hope these charts inspire you give homeopathy a try and book in with me to raise your fertility naturally. These problems can be solved!

If however you are charting but don’t understand what is going on and our are not falling pregnant month after month, why don’t you share your chart in my private group Becoming Vital & Fertile and tag me into your post (@ingefleurspreij). I will analyse your chart for you and tell you exactly which hormones and/or glands are out of balance.

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