Lifetime of constipation resolved for 75 year old woman.

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She had tried pretty much everything under the sun. When she was well, at best she would go about very 3 days. Usually though, she wouldn’t go for weeks. Imagine the relief this chronically constipated woman experienced when she was able to go 6 days in a row, without any laxatives!

Most people suffer with constipation every now and then which is generally resolved with eating more fibers and drinking more water. Those that struggle with more obstinate constipation will understand Ida’s desperation having suffered with it as long as she could remember.

A well-known remedy for constipation is Opium which happens to be a shock remedy too. The remedy picture can be summarized with a lack of reaction both on a physical and emotional level; the same as during shock. Constipation basically is a case of non-reactive bowels, so when Ida told me she had always been constipated as far as she knew, but she couldn’t tell me much about her early childhood, I suspected a birth trauma.

Opium is often a remedy I prescribe to infants born with a c-section or forceps that have digestive issues.

Opium is often a remedy I prescribe to infants born with a c-section or forceps that have digestive issues. Opium seemed to fit well also because she:

  • Felt very sluggish and tired with the constipation
  • The constipation was painless (painlessness is a keynote for Opium)

Opium did something, but not enough unfortunately. So I prescribed what I figured was Ida’s constitutional remedy: Calcarea Carbonica.

Calcarea Carbonica:

  • develops a little slower (growth, teething, learning)
  • finishes tasks slower
  • tends to be hypothyroid and so
  • their digestion and metabolism is slower
  • which makes them suffer with constipation and
  • retain weight.

Mind you, whatever a Calcarea does, is well thought out and once they “get” something they tend to excel.

Calcarea did more, but still not enough. Whenever well indicated remedies fail to really act, I look at possible blocks. One possible block is familiary susceptibilities. Ida’s craving for smoked meats, chronic cough, general boredom and desire to travel, suited Tuberculinum.


Calcarea Carbonica develops a little slower, finishes tasks slower, tends to be hypothyroid and so their digestion and metabolism is slower which makes them suffer with constipation and retain weight.

Only one prescription of Tuberculinum 200c set Ida’s bowels in motion and for the first time ever, she was able to go to the bathroom 6 days in a row!

She then dipped for one day after which she continued to be able to pass stool regularly and healthily.

My energy is so much better since I have been able to go regularly. Just brilliant! It is a miracle.

Ida’s case is a wonderful example of how in homeopathy a careful choice of remedies does not always guarantee immediate result. Sometimes it is a matter of approaching the case from different angles and sometimes it is a matter of peeling away layers. It is very possible that Ida did have a birth trauma and that layer needed clearing with Opium for Tuberculinum & Calcarea to do their jobs.

Do you suffer with constipation? Or has your baby ever since birth? Remedies have never failed any of my patients and getting your digestion in order is a major pillar of your overall health!

If you have tried homeopathy before but without result I hope Ida’s case inspires you to try again. I would love to look at your case with you.

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