My luteal phase went from 5 to 12 days after only 1 cycle! | An Arnica case.

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It is so weird to be in this phase of my cycle and this many DPO (days past ovulation) with no bleeding! I’m thrilled!”, Anna wrote me only one cycle after starting her remedies. Having suffered with many early miscarriages, lengthening her luteal phase was vital.

Honestly I thought Anna’s case would be a really tough one. She had suffered with so may miscarriages over the years, and had so many medical interventions that I expected to have to go through layers and layers with her and was diagnosed with PCOS. Well, I was reminded again that homeopathy is indeed effective, efficient, and gentle… given the right remedy!

Anna’s periods were intensely painful, too frequent and were always announced by a few days of spotting; classic symptoms.

Anna’s periods were intensely painful, too frequent and were always announced by a few days of spotting. Classic symptoms of low progesterone levels as progesterone prevents your body from shedding the uterus lining, aka menstruation. If progesterone is low:

  • You will have short cycles (less than 27 days)
  • You will have spotting before your period
  • You might have premenstrual headaches

If progesterone is low, and your menstruation starts too quickly, a fertilized egg does not have enough time to implant in the uterus. Low progesterone is therefore often a reason for early miscarriages. Some doctors call them “chemical pregnancies” but I am not a fan of that term as it seems to imply it wasn’t a real pregnancy, while it is your baby we are talking about.

Anna’s suspected low progesterone was confirmed by the fact that she had indeed also suffered with many early miscarriages. She had asked her doctors for progesterone supplementation every time she would get a positive pregnancy test, but she was refused because she was borderline overweight.

Low progesterone is often a reason for early miscarriages.

I prescribed Arnica to Anna based on two main aspects of her case. The first was the fact that she had had many extremely traumatic medical interventions and Arnica is homeopathy’s number 1 trauma remedy. Those bruised and falls? Yes great for that, but also for much more extreme physical and emotional trauma from the past.

Secondly, Arnica’s emotional keynote is “says she is fine”. You know the type, someone that break their arm and the bone pierces through the skin but they say they don’t need to go to the hospital. It’s a form of shock. Anna would tell me all her trauma’s in a very manner of fact manner and kept telling me she was fine, while her body was clearly saying it wasn’t.

Only one cycle after this prescription she joyously wrote me that her luteal phase had gone from 5 days to 12 without any spotting at all! This is a wonderful indication that she will now likely be able to hold on to a pregnancy and carry full term…

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