Menopause reversed. Fertility restored.

Faye was told by her doctor that menopause had set in but she didn’t want to go on hormone replacement therapy he prescribed. Little did she know that homeopathy would not just stop her hot flushes, but would restore her fertility completely!

Younger and younger women seem to come to me with menopause symptoms. Sometimes as young as 35! Like Faye, most of them don’t want to use hormone replacement therapy and come to me for natural treatment to resolve their hot flushes and sleepless nights.

However, in 9 out of 10 of these women the menopausal symptoms can be reversed and their fertility restored through homeopathy. Because a lot of women start families later on in life these days, this saves many of my patients the emotional journey of IVF.

For 9 out of 10 of these women, their premature menopausal symptoms can be reversed and their fertility restored through homeopathy.

Honestly I blame the contraceptive pill for victimizing women with menopausal symptoms at too young an age. Faye had not even turned 40 when she came to see me and yes indeed she had a 20+ year history of using the contraceptive pill and the (hormonal) coil.

Her symptoms:

  • Hot flushes
  • Night sweats
  • Dry skin
  • Panic attacks & depression
  • Period stopped 4 months before

Aristolochia Clematitis is wonderful remedy used in hormonal disorders that are namely accompanied by low moods and even depression.

It can look a lot like another remedy called Pulsatilla as they share that the woman feels much better for fresh air but Pulsatilla tends to not feel as low.

It also looks like another hot flushes remedy called Lachesis, as they are both much better for the menstrual flow, but Lachesis is a very hot remedy while Aristolochia is usually freezing.

I prescribed a 30c to Faye and 2 days later her period started! When we spoke a month later her hot flushes had stopped completely.

Two days after the remedy her period started and a month later her hot flushes had stopped completely.

The remedy revealed on an emotional level that suppressed grief over years of an unhappy marriage followed by a divorce, and the loss of her parents and a sibling had thrown Faye into a hormonal imbalance. I explained to her that she needed to process that grief if she wanted her hormones to remain balanced, which she did.

Alongside ovarian support with Folliculinum, we repeated Aristolochia every time night sweats or flushes returned. It continued to support her beautifully in her grieving process as she let flow all her unshed tears. All the while her periods kept returning regularly without pains.

After 3 months I was able to discharge an emotionally and hormonally balanced Faye. Her fertility was completely restored.

Are you suffering with menopausal symptoms? Are they worrying you because you suspect you are too young and would love to have a baby? Plan an appointment with me to restore your hormonal balance and fertility.