How a detox of past used steroids healed a mother and her baby.

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I just couldn’t seem to crack this case. Baby Finn’s fevers wouldn’t respond to anything and get him into hospital time after time. That is.. until I figured out that the past use of steroids were the culprit of both Finn’s condition and momma Nancy’s excruciating periods. A homeopathic detox cured them naturally within weeks.

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The story of Nancy and her baby Finn

Nancy was at her wits end with her 1 year old. Falling pregnant with Finn was not easy at all so once she finally had him, she didn’t care one bit about the sleepless nights. However, when he started to develop frequent uncontrollable fevers alongside teething, she started to get concerned.

Pretty much all children will respond beautifully to Chamomilla during teething, or Belladonna in general during fevers. Not Finn. We could repeat all we liked, but when the digits entered into the red zone it always ended with suppressing the fever with paracetamol. Many times, even the paracetamol did nothing and Nancy and her husband Todd would end up in the emergency with their boy.

Many times, even the paracetamol did nothing and Nancy and her husband Todd would end up in the emergency with their boy.

Finn would also often get very sour smelling nappies, bladder issues, difficult teething, and even reactive arthritis in his leg. Time and time again he got snotty noses, infected eyes, and rashes. Remedies managed his symptoms, but even deep acting well known constitutional remedies and homeopathic remedies that address hereditary disease tendencies did not stop his auto-immune condition.

I was desperate to help this baby that was getting antibiotics time after time. I spent hours and hours studying his case. The worst bit for me as a homeopath was that Nancy was also and didn’t seem to respond to any remedies as I expected either. Every month she had menstrual pains that she took prescription painkillers for because she was so ill to the point of vomiting.

I was desperate to help this baby that was getting antibiotics time after time and I spent hours studying his case.

The effects of past steroid use on our body

We often do not think of medication used in the past affecting us today because we assume that the drugs have left our system and longer affect us.

Although it is true that the medication is no longer in our body, especially synthetic hormones can leave an imprint on our immune system and hormone system long after we stopped taking them (This may interest you too: Trying to conceive? Detox the contraceptive pill!). 

In my experience, (past) use of steroids such as cortisone cream, prednisolone or asthma inhalers:

  • seem to block the effect of homeopathic remedies,
  • interfere with adrenal function,
  • interfere with hormone balance in fertility cases, and
  • because they suppress the immune system, they tend to compromise immunity after use too.

All of these issues were clearly happening in the cases of Nancy and Finn. So, since simple steroid detoxes have  solved many of my (in)fertility & auto-immune cases, after several months of treatment, I asked Nancy for what I thought was the hundredth time… “are you sure he has never had any steroids?“.

To my surprise, this time Nancy answered: “Actually…. I remember now that I had a steroid injection during labour“. It seemed as though all puzzle pieces finally came together.

Naturally detoxing steroids

I prescribed both Nancy and Finn a steroid detox  of 8 weeks and we finally had a breakthrough.

Finn started improving straight away. Within a week his nappies improved and his snotty nose went. He even slept better. Ever since completing the detox, Finn responds immediately to homeopathic remedies and he is now able to bring his occasional fevers down himself.

And Nancy? She is off her painkillers and for the first time in years has normal periods. Read what she wrote me about her treatment:

Nancy(name changed for privacy purposes)
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“My son suffered with severe reflux and feeding issues due to prematurity however with Ingefleur’s professional advice and support we were able to travel abroad to enjoy a holiday and friends wedding when he was just 3 months old. After both not responding as well as hoped to many remedies indicated for our health concerns Ingefleur recommended we try a new approach.  So most recently we have both embarked on a cortisone steroid ‘detox’ which has had incredible results for us both, aiding my son to heal naturally and seemingly eliminate his recurrent ear infections and unexplained feverish illnesses. I have battled with very painful and traumatic menstrual cycles all my life, and finally I have been able to menstruate without experiencing such traumatic symptoms each month. We are now responding to remedies that previously had little effect.”

When is a steroid detox useful?

Pretty amazing story don’t you think? If you have had steroids in the past and struggle with conceiving naturally, hormonal imbalances, (auto) immune issues, or adrenal fatigue then completing a homeopathic steroids detox is something I can recommend to you wholeheartedly.

Not sure if you have ever had steroids? Here are some examples:

  • Prednisolone for severe allergic reactions or alongside antibiotics during infections
  • Asthma inhalers (brown/orange/red colored, the blue/green ones are non steroidal)
  • Cortisone cream for eczema or other skin conditions (remember, parents if you have applied cream to your children, you have had it as well)
  • Eye drops for eye infections
  • Cortisone injections for join problems or bursitis in shoulder, elbow or knee

If you want to detox steroids homeopathically yourself and at home, you can learn how to do that on my program the Fertility Reclaim.