Menstrual migraines | The pain made me feel like a wounded animal

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Jay had gotten used to taking time off from work every month. Even with strong painkillers she would barely be able move about the house. Her recurring migraines had been this way for 15 years… ever since she had started menstruating.

My  migraines always happen before or during my period. All women in my family actually have migraines around their periods”, she shared.

I immediately realised this was a case of hormone imbalance so I double checked by asking about her periods themselves. Indeed, although they were always on time, they were very painful and the flow was heavy and dark. She described the pain as if her uterus was weighing down heavily, which is a key note for the remedy Sepia.

The cramps also went to her back and premenstrually she would get quite irritated with her boyfriend and crave chocolate.

Sepia is a known remedy for hormone imbalance, especially when the periods are heavy and dark, and there is marked irritability before the period with chocolate cravings.

Sepia is a known remedy for hormone imbalance.

After only once prescription of Sepia 30c, Jay reported not having had any more menstrual related migraines or needing any painkillers for the period pains.

“Every month I would feel like an animal crawling into a corner of the house overwhelmed by the pain, but now I am completely fine and don’t need any painkillers or take off time from work!”

Do you suffer with migraines around your period? They are likely hormone related (sometimes specifically to progesterone) and can be resolved through homeopathic treatment. I would love to help!

I work with patients internationally over video calls and locally at my clinic in Blaricum, The Netherlands.