Two cases of carpal tunnel surgeries canceled.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a very painful and handicapping condition. It can happen to anyone and everyone but people that use their wrist a lot with sports and hobbies are especially at risk. It is also a common problem among nursing mothers.

Symptoms include:

  • swelling of the wrist
  • pins and needles or numbness in the fingers
  • pain
  • loss of strength in the wrist or hand

Often steroid injections are repeated several times to reduce the inflammation but if those fail surgery tends to follow. The right homeopathic remedies however have the ability to reduce inflammation and give the patient back the use of their hand and wrist. Recently I have had 2 cases where the scheduled surgeries were canceled!

Case 1: 80 year old tennis player & gardener

Mia came to me with her left wrist about twice the size of her right wrist. At 80 year old she was extremely fit, and the thing that depressed her the most was that she had to quit playing tennis because of the wrist. She was a tough cookie and she continued gardening and her household tasks despite describing the pain as sometimes making her sick. At night she had pins and needles in her fingers. My challenge was that she had a repeat steroid injection scheduled in a week’s time and surgery in several weeks!

I prescribed Ruta 1M and within one week the swelling of her wrist and the pain went down by 50% so that Mia could cancel the steroid injection appointment. Over the course of some repetitions of Ruta the pain and swelling completely went and she was able to cancel her surgery as well. We then followed up with Calcarea Carbonica to address the osteoarthristis that was underlying the carpal tunnel syndrome and Mia has now started playing badminton and is back to gardening.


Case 2: 65 year old landscaper

George has heard of Mia’s success story and called to ask if I could perhaps help him as well. He had always been a landscaper but had to quit work more than 1,5 years ago because of the carpal tunnel syndrome in his right wrist. He did not have any swelling, but did have lots of pain that prevented him from sleeping and he had loss of strength in his hand and wrist.

I don’t want to go back to my doctor with it”, George explained, “because last year my entire hand and wrist turned black after getting a steroid injection. When I told my doctor about it, he said I should have surgery instead which I don’t want. However, if you cannot help me, I may need to have the surgery after all”.

I prescribed Ruta to George as well, and after 1 week the pain level had dropped from an 8 out 10, to a 3 out of 10. A week later George even stopped wearing his brace.

If you are struggling with a (long term) inflammation such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis or bursitis, and you are through with being handicapped by it, I would love to help. I work with patients internationally over video calls and locally at my clinic in Blaricum, The Netherlands.