How stressing over falling pregnant may be preventing you from doing so.

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If you have been trying to conceive any number of months or years, I bet you are completely fed up with hearing the following from loved ones and strangers:

“Stop worrying about falling pregnant”
“Just relax, and it will happen”
“We stopped trying, and I fell pregnant within a month!”

What is up with all this unsolicited advice? I hear you! The thing is… there is actually a truth to these clichés.  Did you know there is a physical & chemical reason that stress can keep you from ovulating and falling pregnant?

In this post:

  • Why stress may be keeping you from falling pregnant
  • 4 things that can help you relax about your fertility

Why stress may be keeping you from falling pregnant

Whenever we experience stress, we produce stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenalin. These hormones are needed to either run away during danger or punch a bear in the face to prevent getting eaten!

However, unfortunately the adrenal glands, that produce these hormones, can’t tell if you are stressed out because of said bear, a mean e-mail from your boss, and unexpected bill or… that negative pregnancy test.

The problem with this is that if your adrenals are busy producing stress hormones, they produce less of the hormone DHEA.

DHEA  is the precursor for sex hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

Because chronic stress reduces DHEA, it leads to hormone imbalance that shows itself in:

  • Irregular cycles
  • Irregular or lack of ovulation
  • Reduced fertile cervical mucus

Chronic stress can even lead thyroid problems, further distorting your hormone balance.

In conclusion… yes stressing out about your fertility can actually be reducing your chances of falling pregnant!

The solution is to reduce stress and help your adrenals not go into overdrive.

How to relax more

So if you want to fall pregnant, reducing stress is not a luxury, it is essential. However, what happens when someone tells you: “Don’t think about a purple elephant”? Right.. you think about a purple elephant! So we need some other tools to get those stress levels down.

1. Get to know your cycle.

If you are not already tracking your cycle, it is time to start with my free charting course. When you understand what is going on with your cycle and get acquainted with your body, that alone will reduce anxiety. Once you understand your fertility better, you are able to make use of fertile signs and identify your fertile window. That makes the whole falling pregnant thing a lot less abstract and gives you some control. While “needing to let go” is indeed a thing on your fertility journey, this is an area you are allowed to gain more control!

2. Nurture your sexual relationship.

One thing I see too much among my patients is that they stop enjoying intimacy with their partner. The focus on getting pregnant is so strong that the sex is all concentrated around the fertile window. Ever thought what this may be doing to your man? Don’t make your man feel like he’s just a donor and don’t cheat yourself of having a satisfying sex life either. If you want your baby to be the fruit of the love you share, make sure it is making love what you are doing throughout your entire cycle. Not some DIY IUI when your ovulation test is positive.

Read: How to stay a good lover while trying to conceive.

3. Set stress reducing routines.

Of course reducing stress is a big one to work on. Check out this post about unwinding at night for sleep and read this post about nurturing your adrenals.

4. Get homeopathic treatment!

Of course I cannot leave this out! Homeopathic fertility treatment is gentle, effective, natural and safe, and it takes everything about you in account. Your fertility symptoms, physical symptoms as well as your emotional well-being.

Homeopathic remedies have the ability to:

  • reduce your stress,
  • support your general health,
  • as well as support your hormonal glands
  • to help you mature a healthy egg every month and ovulate timely.

There are lots of great homeopaths that you can consult either locally or online. You are also welcome to see if I am currently taking patients.