Metals & plastic in my coffee?! | How to detox & restore your fertility.

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How plastics disrupt your hormone balance

That the plastics in our food & water affect our fertility profoundly is likely something you’ve come across before. You may even already have decided to swap your plastic containers for glass ones, but did you know that you may still be consuming plastic through your coffee? No need to quit just yet though (I love my coffee too!); let me share with you how you can avoid the sneaky plastics and how you can detox plastic from your body and restore fertility.

In this post:

  • How you are consuming metals & plastic
  • How metals & plastic affect your fertility
  • How to avoid metals & plastic
  • How to detox with homeopathy & restore your fertility

The plastics we consume all the time

Confession time; I am crazy about the french vanilla creamer that you can get in the US. Living in the Netherlands makes it hard for me to get it, but I have some friends and loved ones that frequently travel to the US and fill up my pantry. The other day though, I completely ran out and figured it was time to try to make my own creamer.

As I was looking for recipes, my eye was drawn to the “healthy creamer” options. One of these recipes included a few paragraphs on why you would want a healthier option than the store bought creamers. To my shock many coffee creamers or sweeteners in coffee shops – which we do have in Europe! – are incredibly harmful because the contain hydrogenated oils.

Metals & plastics in our food

The short story? All fats become rancid eventually and spoil your food. So in order for products to have a longer shelf life, manufacturers hydrogenate or partially hydrogenate vegetable oils to give them a more solid state at room temperature.

In order for that “hydrogenation” to take place, metals such as nickel, platinum, palladium, or aluminium are injected into the oil.

If you are aware that metal toxicity is a big reason for recurring miscarriages and low sperm quality, you understand why all my alarm bells as a fertility homeopath started ringing.

It gets worse though. In this hydrogenation process, the end product is almost the same structure as plastic (1 molecule away). Now of course many products can look alike, one being harmful, then next not so much… But since plastic is perceived in your body as a hormone, and that has big implications for hormone balance, I like to err on the side of caution with this one.

Sneaky ingredients

Where is this hydrogenated oil? Well, this is where we are back at the coffee creamer… if you are in the US and like me you are a big fan of your fancy flavored coffee, you are likely consuming hydrogenated oils on a daily basis. Hydrogenated oils are however used in lots of other products too across the world, so it’s best to check the ingredient labels.

Ingredients to check for:

  • Any oil called (partially) hydrogenated
  • Trans Fats
  • Trans Fatty Acids

Fix your fertility

I wouldn’t just leave you hanging with a bunch of bad news of course! Of course step one is is to drastically reduce – preferably eliminate – your intake of hydrogenated oils. However, you will likely want to detox your system of the metals & plastics that are still lingering, which you can do with homeopathy.

You will especially want to consider detoxing if you and/or your partner:

  • Have a history of miscarriages
  • Have metal / amalgam dental fillings
  • Suspect a hormonal imbalance
  • Suffer with low sperm quality or quantity

Detoxing through homeopathic remedies is efficient, simple, gentle and safe and you can start doing it yourself with the modules on the Fertility Reclaim in which I teach you step by step how I detox my patients from heavy metals and plastics.

Update March 2018: since writing this post I have been completely off coffee creamer and now since 9 months completely off sugar. I do still like my coffee sweet so I use stevia drops (not powder) and have found a company that makes them caramel and vanilla flavored!!! JOY!

How plastics reduce your fertility | Hormone imbalance