The emotional root of PCOS.

Any woman with PCOS will tell you it is an incredible emotional and lonely journey. The usual lack of ovulation is painful enough when you are trying to conceive.. but unlike many other conditions.. PCOS will not let you hide with its weight gain and often excessive hair growth. Or… Was it the trying to hide that got you into PCOS in the first place? Let’s talk about the emotional root of PCOS I that encounter in my clinic all the time.

In this blog post:

  • PCOS and your creativity
  • PCOS and you view of femininity
  • Three important things to ask yourself to start your healing in PCOS
  • Treating PCOS

The core issue with PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome) is that instead of maturing and releasing healthy eggs, you keep maturing follicles in your ovaries that become cysts. The lack of regular ovulation then becomes a big obstacle for fertility. No egg, no baby!

Has the question ever crossed your mind why on earth a body would do that? Usually it is blamed on an auto immune issue or a hormonal imbalance. Scandalously many physicians will say a woman even brought it on herself  because she is overweight. Ironically though, it is the hormone balance that goes with PCOS that actually causes weight gain because of insulin resistance!

The truth is that orthodox medicine has very few tools to cure or even manage PCOS, and so causes that cannot be medicated are pointed at. Even the hormone balance is rarely treated. Usually a prescription for the pill is given which essentially shuts down the whole menstrual cycle rather than restoring balance.

The good news is that apart from lifestyle changes and detoxing synthetic hormones homeopathically, there is an immense opportunity in healing when women address the personal emotional link they may have with their PCOS.


The creative note

In PCOS the ovaries constantly try to mature follicles without actually releasing an egg. As a result the follicles turn into cysts under the influence of the constant rush of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). The luteinizing hormone (LH), that should trigger ovulation, either does not get high enough or doesn’t affect the ovary to release the egg. If it would, the hormones released from ovulation would stop the release of FSH and stimulation of the follicles.

The act of maturing and releasing shows that ovulation is a creative process.

Your body literally creates a special type of cell that once fertilized has the ability to divide and grow into a human being! A whole person with unique characteristics, a personality and passions! It doesn’t get more creative I think!

Suppression of creativity

If a woman of child bearing age does not go through that creative process by ovulating regularly, it makes you wonder if they are also suppressing their creativity on a mental emotional level. Did they give up on pursuing their acting career? Are they stuck in an office job they hate? Did they stop drawing after losing a loved one? Or… fill in the blanks.

All the ladies I’ve spoken to in my clinic that have been diagnosed with PCOS, admitted to having suppressed their creativity in one form or another.

Reintroducing a creative activity in their lives, on the other hand,  made a huge difference in their sense of well being and happiness! In some cases we hadn’t even discussed creativity at all but as homeopathic treatment progressed the women would suddenly pick up a class in acting (like with Chelsea) or start cooking complex dinners.

Being creative is what human beings are made to be. If you aren’t creative in any way… you are suppressing being a human.

Suppressing femininity

There is another huge and almost obvious element when it comes to belief systems and ovulation.

When you stop ovulating, you are missing out on a big part of your femininity.

Of all the PCOS cases I have seen, the ladies and I were able to pinpoint a moment before their diagnosis that lead them to deny a part of that femininity. Often it was because they were embarrassed about their early development or because they got negative sexual attention. Sometimes because they had a massive argument with a parent.

Then puberty kicked in, new hormones started flowing, but the ovaries refused to ovulate. Add in some teenage cravings and sugar balance issues that lead to insulin resistance and you have the perfect storm. Sometimes they started on the contraceptive pill (or hormones for acne) that further threw their hormones out of balance soon leaving them with a PCOS diagnosis.

But there is hope, even for those types of cases!

Addressing the emotional root of PCOS

Homeopathy, being a holistic medicine, takes physical and mental/emotional symptoms into account. Seeing that PCOS is a complex condition that requires hormone balancing (for example detoxing the pill) and often sugar balancing on a physical level, as well as healing on the mental emotional plane, homeopathy is probably the best imaginable medicine for it.

It requires you to work on your diet, on an exercise regime, and on past hurts, but the results are lasting and rewarding!

If you want to start looking at the emotional root of your PCOS, here are some suggestions:

  • Try to pinpoint what emotional experience you had preceding the PCOS diagnosis or the first symptoms of PCOS. Is healing needed there? If yes, where could you start?
  • Think about how you view your femininity. Do you like your body? Do you feel like a woman? If not, what practical thing could you do today to appreciate your femininity more?
  • What creative activity have you neglected or do you miss in your life? Are you wiling to commit to incorporating it in your weekly schedule?

I guarantee you that just answering these questions for your self and perhaps journaling about them, will start you on a healing journey you had never considered before!